12.11.13: Of Wednesdates

Hello, dolls! 🙂 Today feels like my first official Wednesday here in Baltimore. It seemed like last week was nothing but a dream, I spent most of my days trying to beat jet lag and this crazy winter weather. So I finally gave in and updated my location on Facebook… I am now embracing the fact that I now live in Baltimore. It’s silly you know? A lot of people asked me before I left if I ever saw myself living in the US, I would always reply with a no and explain that when I was in high school I hated the thought of leaving home or one of my siblings living abroad. But now, now look at me…fate brought me here and it wasn’t all that scary after all.

Today is Wednesday and it feels weird that I am just here in my apartment waiting for this day to be over, and how I spent my afternoon without Alyza — laughing over great food and talking about life with the presence of our #COTD (cocktail of the day — yup I am coining it now! haha). It feels different you know? To not look forward to dinners anymore cause my family’s not around..and how I do not have to workout early so I can whip up something in the kitchen for my family.


I can’t think of a single person that I know that doesn’t like Japanese food. I love how it’s so simple but very satisfying..you know? Uhhh I can just go for some awesome sushi right now!

I am so glad Alyza suggested to try Katsu cause I really loved everything that was on our table 🙂



Crazy Maki ; Ebi Nigiri ; and Salmon Sashimi 


A heavenly platter of goodness



Kani Salad

One thing that I cannot miss when in a Japanese restaurant.

See that generous serving of Japanese mayo? That’s what makes it so damn good. YUMMY!


Dynamite Roll

OMGGGG THE BOMB!!! I swear this was so good I am still having dreams about it.





The “best sellers” Yakitori Platter

11 sticks of assorted meat and veggies. Loved their teriyaki sauce!!


The only thing that disappointed me.

Why do they serve shrimp this small in the Philippines? It makes customers like me feel ripped off!


Had 2 glasses of strawberry mojito..

Cause what’s an afternoon date with Alyza without our cocktails? 😛







Hoping to have another Wednesdate with this girl soon!



Received a box of Mom & Tina’s cupcakes from Alyza.

We like to spoil each other like that. <3


Happiness <3


R <3

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