Baking101: Of Firsts



Of afternoon baking at home

Hello, dolls! 🙂 So today is family day, but I keep on forgetting that Sundays here are…different. Back at home, I would usually wake up with my Dad’s “Sunday music” playing on the radio and be greeted with a table full of delicious home-cooked Sunday lunch. Today, I woke up shaking my head cause it’s the first time after almost 2 weeks that I got out of bed at 9AM (uhh!!!). In my defense, we lost an hour today because of daylight saving so the clock went forward. So yeah, after a night full of awesomeness and F-U-N, I am just this sore and exhausted lass waiting for Monday and Tuesday to come.

I’ve did a couple of afternoon baking here in the apartment and I wish I have my other 5 favorite people to cook for here. Today reminded me of how different things are…of how patience matter… and how sacrifice creates an impact in our lives. So yeah, I will end this sappy note now and just move on with my kitchen entry.


Last year when I got home I told myself that I will be going back to the basics —- basics of cooking and baking.

You know how sometimes we just jump into something B I G? And how we overlook the importance of small things. 

I thought to myself that if I want to be “big” someday, I should muster up the small things first…the basics.


Dark Chocolate Sheet Cake ingredients


I’m a sucker for moist cakes and I always try to achieve that when I bake.

This recipe on the other hand was on the “crumbly or crumbs-fall-apart-when-you-bite” side. So I wasn’t pleased the first time I made it…



So after a bit of tweaking and 3 glorious spoonfuls of batter in my mouth (just because I love batters like that) I was finally able to bake the chocolate sheet cake the I like for the second time.



You’s not always pretty you know…and I like those days

Days where in I know I have room for improvement.





It was my first time to actually frost a sheet cake. Don’t ask me what I did during my patisserie class, but I was pretty messed up that time.

Really happy how it turned out! Simple and delicious 🙂





Mango-Carrot Cake ingredients


Mango- Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese frosting in the making



sweet and healthy

just my kind of…batter





I got tempted to check it more than once while baking…the smell was too heavenly! I couldn’t help it!



Reduced the leftover mango juice and turned it into a syrup.


I wasn’t able to take photo of the cake..we massacred it..just like that. It got out of the oven just in time for dinner so yeaaaap.


R <3


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