The Second Chapter




02.24.14 – 03.01.14 – Baltimore all over again

Hello, dolls!! 🙂 I just started a new week here…and boy I feel like this “welcome back vibe” is not going to end for another month. Time is moving too fast but my tasks and responsibilities are never ending — not that I’m complaining. I like this…I love this! I love looking forward to the things ahead of me and get them done one by one — just like how I, and everyone else that I love, made my return to Baltimore possible.

Exactly 12 days from today I will mark my first month here for the second time. A little over 2 weeks and I feel like there’s this side in Baltimore that I just don’t want to go to, and it’s crazy cause it’s not even a place. Vague and silly as it may sound but yeah trying to stay away from everyone else’s drama is pretty hard when you have no one with you most of the day.

Anyway, here’s a rundown of what transpired during my first 5 days back here. These are just highlights of each day so yeaaaap.


A and his parents picked me up from the airport — yup I am blessed like that.

I didn’t really feel hungry when I hopped off the plane, and after finding out that Delta left my other luggage in LAX!


We went to the last restaurant I went to last year, before I went back to the Philippines. It’s so nice to be at the last place I’ve been to for my first hour back.

And yes, I like diners here cause they serve omelettes and I LOVE EGGS!


A’s scrapple and my garden omelette.

This breakfast definitely made me feel that I am back in the US! I am not an omelette person in the Philippines, but here… I AM!


Feeling like a Princess <3

All these were waiting for me in the apartment 🙂

Vanity from his parents and cute stuff from his family.

Momofuku cookbook. Burberry lipstick . Miyabi 7000d knife set . Nikon D3200 and more awesome stuff from the best lover ever! <3


He picked me up with 2 roses in his hand.

Cause he is amazing like that <3


One thing that I wasn’t really excited about…. SNOW!

I was over it after my first experience. But when you live here in the US you would know how hard it is during the winter.


Being the responsible man that he is.


For my first dinner, his parents took us out and brought me to one of the best Greek restaurants here. They know I love Greek food and I am so happy that we went to Samo’s for my first dinner! 🙂



Grilled Octopus

Grilled to perfection!!



My favorite! I love how healthy Greek food is!! I can finish an entire plate of tzatziki…really! I can put it on anything. YUMMS!



Grilled Loukaniko

Greek pork sausage with grilled feta cheese in the middle. Aaaaah too good!!!



Grilled Calamari with Marinara Sauce

Perfectly tender.

I decided not to get any entree cause I was already feeling sleepy and the tzatziki was already dinner for me! Lol


So happy to be with this girl again and see the little egg tart Baby Roger on my first day!!! <3


Good morning Cockeysville!

View from the balcony of my bedroom <3


Left 4 balikbayan boxes worth of stuff last year. And man, it took me almost a week to unpack these 4 boxes alone, excluding the 2 suitcases I brought with me. Didn’t realize I accumulated that much stuff in 13 months, considering that I brought back 5 suitcases with me in April last year.


Chick-Fil-A drive thru cause we couldn’t last another minute without anything in our tummies!


Wasn’t really planning to upgrade but A is awesome like that. He makes things possible for me even when I do not ask for it! 🙂

He gave me a USB cable first cause the one that I have been using is going to die on me soon.



What’s inside the huge nikon box



Camera bag, 2 lenses, and the coolest accessory!




My new best friend




How can something this small make me so happy? haha



Assembled this floor lamp. It’s the little things you know? Things that I didn’t normally do at home that I do here.




Went to the grocery at 6AM cause I was too jet lagged like that



and made Asian chicken stir fry with spinach and mushroom! YUMMY!

Had mine with an egg! DELICIOUS!


The look of jet lag



Still had to accomplish things even if I was too jet lagged!



Finally saw Lovely again after more than a year!!


so happy to be back in Michael’s! 🙂

Cobb salad, chicken quesadilla, and shrimp popcorn! OMGGGG drooooools!!!! Too good!!

And of course, orange crush for our afternoon cocktail! 😉



Greek Saturday Brunch with the Stavrides’



Mr. Stavrides makes the best breakfast ever!!!! Will always be happy to wake up early for brunch! 🙂



First round.








Saturday night with this cute little egg tart! <3


..and with these girls <3



Oh hello there, almost neighbor!! :)))


R <3

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