Dough Recipes: Fresh Pasta, Cinnamon Rolls, and Pie Crust



02.05.14: Kitchen Hours

Hello, dolls!!! 🙂 I can’t believe that the first half of March just flew by…you know, just like that. I feel like I just got here and every week is another chapter to share. I wish life can slow down for a little bit cause there are things that I need to accomplish before we bid goodbye to March. So yeah, it’s been pretty hectic and partly boring cause I am still…waiting. 

Waiting for school to start!!! Aaaaaah!! I can’t wait to be a better student this time. My confidence level when I was in Culinary school was close to none, don’t ask me why but I’ve always had this big empty room in me where I feel like I just want to fulfill it with all the things that I will learn and just absorb them and be this shy little culinarian who loves to observe. My lack of confidence didn’t stop me from engaging myself to the beauty of Culinary school and be part of some of the great things that happened during my 2 years in CCA. Part of that greatness was meeting exceptional people, I don’t have a lot, but if I can give you a quick rundown I would probably say Joyce first.

I get too gaga over baking, maybe because there’s this sense of me wanting to know more about it since I took up Culinary & Technology Management. People who can make extraordinary food and desserts (Instagram- slash- food- magazine- worthy- type- of- thing) inspire me. So just imagine the happiness that I felt when Joycmessaged me on Facebook, almost a month before my departure, asking me to collaborate with her.


Obligatory MEP shot.


What we dealt with.

5 dishes. 3 cooks. 8 hours together.


MJ’s pasta dough



Working hands x Messy Kitchen


My Blueberry Scones






Joyce’s delicious cinnamon buns

…and in case I haven’t told you yet, we did everything by hand. No mixers.


My parents are the biggest cinnamon haters that I know. And I am the naughtiest daughter cause I still use cinnamon whenever I feel like it and force them to eat it. 

Buuuuut THIS, this … my parents LOVED thea mazing cinnamon buns that Joyce baked for us.



MJ’s Fresh Pasta with Alfredo Sauce 🙂 YUMMS


I have a bottle of unopened White Truffle Oil…and I did not want to leave without using it. We used it for 2 recipes that day and aaaaaah <3 <3 <3


Wasn’t too happy about my scones cause I wanted it to look more rustic.

It looked like the ones that we had in Manila Peninsula. However, I was pleased with the taste and the texture was almost there. Not bad for my first homemade scones!


My homemade lemon curd. MJ like this and that made me really happy 🙂



Afternoon Tea break



My truffled Chicken Pot Pie


So happy with how everything turned out…the crust..the filling.. ahhh happiness <3


My after “work” slash haggard look! So happy I got to spend time with Joyce before I left. It was such an amazing feeling to work side by side with someone who competed in HOFEX and who is recognized by Pastry Chefs in the country. I know it. I know she is going to be BIG someday.. someday soon.

Read: Joyce’s blog about our collaboration


Scones Round 2


Since I wasn’t “all that” happy about the cones that I made the previous day, I decided to make them again.


This one is a bit better. Texture is better. Taste still awesome. But the top….. the top is just not too crumbly or ugly or whatever you call it!!! 



I don’t know if it’s the temperature or what but they just look too smooth to me.


Nonetheless, it’s still a scone.


 R <3


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