Manila Eats: Best Ube Leche Flan in Manila


Hello dolls and hello APRIL!!! It’s official, A and I are only days away from celebrating our second anniversary. The weather is getting nicer now and I am just hoping that our anniversary weekend will be as good as last year’s. Anyway, one of the things that I am missing terribly is authentic Filipino food. It’s so weird cause I am not really the kind of Filipino who requests for Pinoy food every week, when I was still home I would often suggest Japanese,Chinese, Thai, Mediterranean, European or Italian food when we go out. BUT one thing that I could not resist are Filipino Desserts! I cannot go a week without having my kakanin or ube fix. And I must say, I go gaga over ube.


Best ube dessert I had!!!

Uhhhh why can’t I just have this now??? Whyyyy!!?!?



The person behind this amazing ube leche flan cake is probably the nicest and coolest Chef that I know. And I am not only saying this cause she understands my kaartehan BUT because she really is amazing like that.

Two of the best Filipino desserts in one?? YES PLEASE!

I wish I have a better photo of this heavenly delight when I ordered the first time, but my family just massacred this thing  after I opened the box. It was toooo good!!!


I am such a fan. I can’t sit and  just look at her posts on Facebook when she launched her “Dulce Queso Mamon and Smore’s”.

It’s such a shame cause Chef Ann just came up with another dessert and I am like 1 million miles away from the Philippines!! 😐 I swear when I get back I am going to order the biggest ube leche flan cake and the new baby!! 🙂


Fluffy mamon dipped in sweet cheese sauce

Very light!! My Lola loved having this mamon with her coffee every afternoon 🙂 Very Pinoy!



The perfect dessert for my siblings. The homemade marshmallow is to die for! Not too sweet and so flufffffy! My favorite part is the salted graham crust!! YUMMMY!


Her first logo. So yuuuup call now people!!! I don’t usually promote products here on my blog. but when I do I know they’re topnotch 🙂


Served these during my sister’s birthday… make your party complete with these desserts! 🙂



Afternoon tea with my Gelay after picking up 2 dozens of goodies from Chef Ann! 🙂


Jasmine tea…my love



Impromptu afternoon tea.

Tea is best shared with awesome people. After that afternoon, I decided to throw an “afternoon tea” party for my girls — which I am going to post soon! 😉



Talked about love, family and career over good tea and delicious pastries! 🙂


IMG_2027A This is also a perfect moment to relive the fun garage sale that we had this past December.

So perfect cause I wanted to get rid of a lot of stuff before I got here. Just remove some clutter in our room so it’ll be easier for me to pack. And it worked!!!


Seafood pizza from the best Mom!! Forgot to eat that morning and I am so lucky to have my Mom with us!!! 🙂 Pizza and wings….YUMMY!!


Garage Sale Day 1 outfit




Perfect outfit for a very summery weather!!! Can’t wait to wear outfits like this again. #ItsTooColdHere


Forgive my pose, I was trying to imitate a gorilla or something to make my sister laugh.


dirty ice cream time!!!!!


Can’t remember the last time I finished a cone of dirty ice cream! But I know for sure it was before 2012!


Mango x Cheese x Sweet Cone for the win!!!!



Decided to sell some of the items online

Instagram: ouronlinecloset


And since this blog is full of kaartehan, let me add more to that.

I don’t do well with make-up, I mean I’m not good at it. Concealer – Eyeliner – Mascara – and Lipstick that’s my usual do. I suck at putting eye shadow and I am still in the process of learning. But one thing that I can do is….to clean my brushes well! I am the craziest OCD person ( and A can attest to this)

Below are 2 ways on how  you can clean your make up brush set.



The dirty babies can’t wait to be soft and clean again!


Option 1: DIY brush cleaner – Pour olive oil and basic dish soap on a plate or a lid like this. I chose this cause I do not want our plates to be contaminated with dirt from my brushes. (See I am OC like that)

Then wipe the brush back and forth (you will see the dirt coming off from the brush!!)


You then rinse it under warm water in the sink.

This photo is just for you guys to see what it looks like when you rinse it. You will see big dots of make up residues with oil.

I find that using olive oil also helps in keeping my brushes soft. Like kabuki type soft which is ahhhhmaaahzing!

Just make sure to rinse your brushes properly when doing this cause you do not want them to be oily and sticky!


My to-go brush cleaners. When I do not have enough time to spend cleaning my brushes


I  got this Gino McCray during my trip in Bangkok. I love this because it smells good and it cleans my brushes well. I do not have to spray a lot to get the dirt off.

The second one is from Sephora,  I bring this when I’m on vacation cause it’s so small and handy.

So there you go dolls, I hope you learned something from my crazy blog today! 😉


R <3

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