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03.11.2014: FOURever plus 1

Hello, dolls!! 🙂 Today has got to be my most laid back Sunday here in Baltimore. Weather was too beautiful that I wish A was off today so we could be out on the porch chilling. I find myself falling asleep on the couch several times today, I am pretty beat I must say. The past 6 weeks has been a roller coaster ride, and now things are slowing down a little.

Yesterday, I witnessed LOVE and COMMITMENT happen right before my eyes. The two people that A and I love were joined together by God in Holy Matrimony. I am so glad that A and I are a part of it. I am going to save all the cheesy details about them – us – and the wedding next time (with photos included!). But let me tell you upfront that it is such a blessing to be part of each other’s lives. I am dedicating this post to the people who made “us” possible for A and I.


Food is our common denominator.

First time we all hung out, first time we all drove an hour away from Cockeysville, and the reason why we are all in this State — food has always been there for the 4 of us.


Double Date in DC <3




I love how there are a lot of awesome restaurants in DC. It’s always a treat for A and I when we go.



Outdoor dining? Yes please!

Weather was too beautiful and I am glad we went to the perfect place!





I love everything about Duke’s grocery. The food, the vibe, and the creativity that surrounds the entire restaurant! 🙂



The 5th wheel


That cute little smile


First table shot sans the 2 amazing sandwiches that Roger and Frances got


My Ca Tre Banh Mi

Marinated catfish, coriander, pickled daikon, mayo, chicken liver pate ,sriracha, cucumber

THIS WAS THE BOMB! Everything about this was just glorious. The balance  of the flavors and amount of ingredients. I also love the fact that I  got 2 of the things that I really wanted to try  — the chicken liver pate and the catfish! YUMMS


O – M – G



I am not a sandwich person, but uhhh Duke’s Grocery is such a game changer.


Can we just stop for a moment and notice the cuteness of Baby Roger???


Portoguese Sausage

What makes Duke’s Grocery more awesome is that they make everything in their kitchen. EVERYTHING. And oh, they don not have a regular menu! Yup, they serve different kinds of food errrday!

I swear if I live in DC, I would go here every day!


A’s Blood Sausage

Irish black pudding, runny egg, pickled shallot, onion

Another mouthwatering sandwich!!! The runny egg is too sexy and the blood sausage was perfect!


Chicken Liver Toast

Perfection. The red onion chutney that came with it was too delicious!




Roger got the lomito completo – schweinebraten roast pork, spricy kraut, avocado, tomato garlic mayo, torta roll

— the pork was cooked perfectly!! it was so flavorful!!

Frances ordered the choripan – spicy portoguese sausage, chimichurri, red onion, garlic mayo

— the sausage was ahmahhhzing!




Yup.. these happened.



Long hair don’t care ?






I promise to pay yogato a visit the next time we got to Duke’s grocery!!!



Strolled around DC to kill time before dinner



With the love of my life



10005907_827574397258045_1483529278_o (1)A

So happy with all the photos that I took that day. Wish I can post them all here but they will be too many so yeaaap, if you are a friend of mine on Facebook.. you’re in luck! I guess.. haha


Can;t wait to go back soon!



Couldn’t think of a better way to end our Tuesday night!

Wing Night will always be special to the 4 of us!!!! The story behind it and the amazing things that happens when we have wings in front of us. haha.


R <3

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