Washington DC: Spring OOTD

03.11.14: Picture Perfect Kind of Day

Hello, dolls!!! A and I are just 12 days away from celebrating our second year together and I just can’t sit here and hide my excitement cause I know it is going to be ah-mah-zing! On top of that, I am also going to see my family again and I honestly could not wait to travel with my siblings! Lastly, I just accomplished something for school yesterday!! It really is happening!!

Read my post about our awesome lunch in Duke’s Grocery here.


It’s been a while since my last outfit post. I mean, let’s face it, friends, I am not too good at it. LOL

But yeah, I will tryyyyy my very best to make each post worthwhile.


If there is anything that I can’t give up from my closet, that would be this H&M jacket.


I remember it as my first splurge after being here for only a week 2 years ago. I just can’t help it, the soft pink color and the gold buttons (I have this thing about gold buttons).



I wear this on special days like this one. Days wherein I just want to create memories and take lots of pictures! I mean c’mon, this jacket is too pretty it can turn any simple outfit look chic.



I was too excited about our trip to DC. After weeks of complaining about the cold weather, we finally had a day where in I did not have to wear layers and layers of clothes!!



The booties that A gave me for my birthday last year looks extra gorgeous with the jacket







So lucky I have  A who doesn’t complain about taking 100 outfit shots!! lol



Curls and liner wings!


R <3

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