Asian, Irish, and Greek!

03.15-17.14: Third week highlights

Hello, dolls!!! I am baaaack ,not that I was away for too long or something. But yeah, I am just too happy that I get to update my site tonight after a very awesome work weekend. In 9 days, I will be here for 2 months (what?already?) and I am going to talk about my third week just now (yikes). Just like what I always say, “I’ve been incredibly busy” . In the midst of my crazy-busy-happy life I am still able to do a bit of traveling, EATING and shopping — what else can I ask for?.  I can say that as of now, I’ve got everything that I need. It’s still pretty hard to say this, but I am starting to realize that things are not always pink and pretty and how I want them to be. Sometimes, it’s better and bigger and it could take time to accept and see the beauty in things, or at least I think that’s how it was when it came to believing that distance should not hinder me from being who I want to be.


Our Mondays are always crazy-fun. We always try to go to places and EAT awesome food.

This Monday, however, has got to be one of the bests. We were able to accomplish a lot of things and celebrate 3 cultures!

First Stop: Pho’ 98 in Glen Burnie.

Glen Burnie is 30-45 minutes away from us, and we only go there for 2 reasons — Roger and Frances or to go shopping. We did both that day, but it was more for the couple that we love and their wedding 🙂


Chicken Pho

Perfect for the very cold weather that we had that day.



Broth was very light and flavorful. The noodles were good,

If we are to compare it to the Vietnamese restaurant in Towson (which is 10 min away from us) we would say that is better. But Pho 98’s is good enough to keep our tummies happy.


Steamed Dumplings x Chicken with Broccoli Stir Fry x Fried Spring Rolls




Asian Feast!

Chicken with Broccoli was okay, it could need  a bit of seasoning but whatevs, the dumplings sufficed for it and the spring rolls. YUMMS!


They have smoothies and bubble tea!!!!!

Not as good as the milk tea places in MNL but what the heck? This will do…for now!


Taro bubble tea for me!! 🙂


After going to the bridal shop for my bridesmaids dress we went straight to Canton to meet up with friends from work to celebrate St. Patty’s day.


And where better place to celebrate St. Patty’s? An Irish Pub of course!

We couldn’t stay for more than an hour and a half cause we had an important dinner to go to, but it was nice to celebrate St. Patty’s Day 3 times this year!!


After a bottle of Guinness  for him and orange crush for me… still standing tall cause it was nothing… I guess for me haha


One of the best dinners I’ve attended. Mainly because it’s for the man and family that made me feel that Baltimore can be my home too.


…and because of the Greek Food!!!!

Greek Dinner with Greek People with my Greek Family!!!! —- too awesome for words!

Greek appetizers – spanakopita (one of my favorites in this whole wide world!!), Greek salad, Melitzanosalata, Taramasalata


Grilled Whole Bronzini

So happy I got this one!!!! Grilled perfectly and the hint of lemon in every bite is just aaaaaaahmaaahzing!


drooling right now


A’s Shrimp Giouvetsi

Another killer! Shrimp and Orzo in Tomato Sauce topped with FETA CHEESE!!!

Everything that I love!!!!!!!!!


Greek Desserts

The death of me….. OMG!!!!!

So yup, we were able to go to celebrate 3 cultures in one day, it was an amazing day for us!!!



Didn’t know I could find delicious cupcakes here in Baltimore that is almost as perfect as Georgetown’s!!!

Everything were moist, buttery, and not too sweet. aaaaaaaah


Black Velvet – MC’s version of red velvet

Sublime-inal (lemon cupcake with lime buttercream frosting

Playboy – Carrot Cupcake

OMGGGG I need to go to Midnite Confection’s PRONTO!


My awesome finds of the week!


This things is so cool I want to own one someday


Lunch date with Maria and A’s parents <3


St Patty’s Day Weekend

Shopping with Lovely then had dinner to a nearby Ale House.

Bangers and Mash with Cabbage on the side x Orange Crush for me

The key lime pie was to die for!! OMGGGGG!!!! I had to stop myself from eating too much of it otherwise I would be the old piggy Rianna again! haha 🙂


And as if our Irish dinner was not enough…. A and I met up with people from BCC again after he got out of work!

Lemon drop shot x more Orange crush for me!


Random apartment dinner with Lovely and Maria


Greek Salad (sort of)


Wegman’s take out

Seaweed salad x sushi and creole fish (not in photo)



Snow in the middle of the week

This did not make us all happy. Everyone’s just tired of snow!!!


Random breakfast dates

Love having spinach omelette for breakfast!!!!!



How I usually eat my oatmeal — topped with cornflakes!

I love oatmeal too much I sometimes have it for lunch and dinner as well! haha

Will try to post more soon!!!


R <3

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