First Anniversary: Ram’s Head Inn x Stewarts

04.21.2013: 365 days

Hello, dolls! 🙂 Today, I am going to share something really special. I know this is almost a year late but just like what I always say, I like to keep some things to myself until the right time — just like this one. I can still remember all the little and big “firsts” that A and I shared together, and how cute he was each time. Like how shy he was when he asked me on our “FroYo date” –which turned out to be our “first date” as well. The time that he was so excited to get off work early and pick me up from my apartment and bring me to one of the best Italian restaurants here in Baltimore for our “first real date”. The first time he let me drive his car , first movie we watched together , first Asian restaurant we went to , first NYC trip , first month together , and the first time he said I love you — the list goes on and on and ON and everyday is just amazing with him.

You see, I do not talk about our relationship that much here on my blog, but this week is like an exception. I can’t believe that we are going to celebrate our second year anniversary in 3 days!!! It’s crazy!!! Where did time go?? I feel like nothing much has changed, only that our love for each other grew (or to make it cheesier — blossomed like the beautiful flowers of spring). We are still the crazy kids who gets too excited about food and cooking and loves to travel and talk about whatnots in the middle of the night.

Everyday is an opportunity for firsts. 


I’ve always wanted a man who will make dinner reservation for us and tell me “wear a lovely dress tonight”. Lucky for me, I met a man who did that on our first week of being together (major brownie points!!).

A made a reservation in one of the most beautiful restaurants I’ve been to. For our first anniversary, we went to Ram’s Head Inn in New Jersey.

But, before I tell you about the delicious food that we had, let me start with the nice afternoon that we had.


We started our day by giving each other our presents.

A gives me the best presents!! I don’t know how he does it, but its just perfect every time! Just like this Michael Kors bag.

If you are a dear friend of mine, you would know that I fancy things that are out of the box and I hate walking around the city holding the same bag with 10 other girls. This is just perfect, the color and the emblem!

Yellow and orange? Why not! Yellow MK mini wallet, perfect for my small purses.

He also got me a Michael Kors key chain, cause he knew how much I adore the MK emblems hanging on the side of  MK totes.


Last year was all about Michael Kors. And as if the presents for him were not enough, I also got a pair of  Michael Kors slippers from his family!!! And it matches with my bag! Can’t wait to use them this spring (weather got nasty again so I might have to wait for another week or two! 🙁 )


Handwritten letters for each other.

One of the things that I like about our relationship! We love giving each other letters 🙂



Cause he is into pirates x ships and I love Hello Kitty! 🙂


One egg left in the house…and to our surprise, it has 2 yolks in it!! Wonderful start indeed!! 🙂


For lunch, we went to Stewart’s.

I cut down on eating greasy/fried food almost a year ago. As much as I love french fries and onion rings, they just doesn’t treat my body well. BUT our anniversary is an exception and how often can you visit a drive-in restaurant that existed since 1924?? Not everyday I must say since most of their locations are open seasonally, meaning this was the perfect time for us to go since Spring just started!


Their famous root beer.

I gave up drinking soda almost 3 years ago BUT root beer is my weakness. This has got to be the best root beer I’ve tasted so far!! OMGGGG! And just magine if I ordered a root beer float — which I totally love! My body would’ve hated me for it! haha


Love the very American slash legit drive in vibe! 🙂


Onion rings x Chicken Cheesesteak



Chili Cheese Dog x 1924 burger

Everything was good!! And I just kept on thinking about how much I wanted my siblings to try Stewarts cause I know they would love it!!!

And A got too excited about the idea cause he can’t wait to see my brothers down a burger and root beer float in minutes! haha





Beautiful afternoon <3


A brought me to Ram’s Head Inn for dinner. A very beautiful place in New Jersey.

We went to NJ a lot during our first year together. It’s always a treat for us, the foods that we got to try and the serenity that we get at the beach house — it’s just awesome.

Ram’s Head Inn is such a beautiful place, rich in history and LOVE. They’ve existed since 1978 and won multiple awards over the years.


A true gentleman will open the door for his lady.

Sorry, I just had to take a snap! haha



My handsome man!!


Popover and a shot of butternut squash soup for one of our starters



Very fresh!!! And goes well with the tangy and light salad on top



Fresh Oysters

Love love love oysters with cocktail sauce!!!


Table Side Salad

Ram’s Head Inn has “fancy” written all over it! I still can’t get over the delicious caesar salad that we had!! It was soooooo good I tell you!!! The best caesar salad EVER!!!!

I told A I want to go back and just order their caesar salad!



Palate cleanser before our main course


My Veal Osso Bucco

Veal and Osso Bucco?? Yes please! Just two of my favorite things in the world!!!!!

The sauce was very delicious that I had to ask for more! What made this dish even more amazing is that they served this with creamy polenta!!!! another favorite! 😉


Thank you for an amazing firsy year anniversary dinner Ram’s Head Inn!! It was super worth it!!!!


What makes this place and our first year anniversary dinner even more special is that… A’s grandparents brought his parents to this restaurant when they got engaged! And now we have another story to tell in the future about this restaurant — ours 🙂


Pretty ladies room!!! Felt very regal when I walked in


My beautiful anniversary dress from A!

He got me a dress to wear for our anniversary. Yes, just like in movies!!! where the guy gives his lady a dress to wear for their special date!!! I have that kind of guy 🙂


Wore the headband that this parents gave me for Christmas! 🙂


Can’t wait to celebrate our second anniversary in a few days!!!!

Thank you for being an amazing lover, A!!! <3


R <3

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