April Showers

01.26.2014: 4 months

Hello, dolls!! 🙂 Before I talk about my entry, can I just say that I had the most amazing Easter/Anniversary weekend! I still can’t get over how beautiful each day was and how I wish it never had to end. I can’t wait to share them with you all and talk about the awesomeness of this past weekend— no rush though, cause Instagram and Facebook did their part already. Anyway, it’s been 3 years already since I last spent holy week with my family. I always look forward to Thursday/Friday because of Visita Iglesia, and Sunday for our Easter lunch. We do not follow a lot of traditions for Easter, but one thing that we do not miss is going to church as a family, and I am so sad that I have not done that in a veeeery long time (next year, I promise!!!).


April is one of my favorite months we get “showers of blessing” almost all throughout the month.

It’s the official start of summer and we celebrate a lot of things — anniversary of our parents, Lola’s Birthday, Holy Week, Easter,  and our anniversary!

I like how April starts and ends with LOVE <3


We all woke up early that day cause we anticipated that traffic will be horrible going to Tagaytay, and it was. We were so hungry that we couldn’t wait to get to Tagaytay to have lunch so we stopped at Sta. Rosa, Laguna (a few minutes away from Tagaytay).


I can’t believe how beautiful it got there in a short amount of time — I mean I was gone for more than a year and seeing that they now have more restaurants and shops made me want to visit Sta. Rosa more! 🙂

Anyway, we went to Chubby’s Rib Shack for lunch cause my siblings are crazy about American food.

Chili Nachos with Cheese — Can I just say….yummms??


Pulled Pork Nachos with Salsa

Double YUMMMMS!!!!! A better version of the first one.


My Sister’s Country Fried Steak

Of course! Cause she loves anything fried and with gravy!



Chubby’s Special – Pork Riblets and BBQ Pulled Pork

Super perfect for my brother who loves ribs so much!! 🙂




Jejekid’s grilled pork chop

I remember him not being too happy about this…


Champion Buffalo Wings from Buffao’s Wings N’ Things

I’ve had better…. we’ve had better.


American Fare? Yes please.



And since my Dad and I can’t go through lunch without veggies we went to Recipes which is 2 doors down Chubby’s.

The closest thing to us having veggies for lunch in chubby’s is their coleslaw — and no,that can’t do.

So we ordered this VERY delicious kare-kare from Recipes.

OMG I am so craving right now!


Stir-fried vegetables..of course. Delicious.



Tofu Steak

Deep fried to perfection… another “OMG”.

The sauce is reminiscent of General Tso’s, sweet and sour as they say.


We finally arrived in Tagaytay!! We did not plan anything. I just wanted to go to Rowena’s and get my tarts AND go to Cliffhouse to unwind. 




Red x Blue

It was chilly in Tagaytay that day! Perfect for our tights and long skirt!


Daddy’s Girls


I miss my boys…especially the fatty in the middle.



With the Mother!


When you see it…you’ll….


Miss my 3 (not-so) little pigs!!!!!


Chocolate Frozen Custard with Cookie Dough

OMGGGG I just had to. Delicious soft-serve made with eggs.

This was soooo smooth and creamy. I can’t even!



Family <3


Cause when in Tagaytay…you buy fresh fruits!!!!


Next Stop: Outfit Post 😛


R <3



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