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Hello,dolls!! 🙂 I can’t believe that April is almost coming to an end!!! It has been an amazing month and I am looking forward to the amazing things that we have planned for May 2014. Though I hate to see the loveliest month of the year leave, I am excited that in 4 months I will be with my family again!!! We have planned so much for my return and aaaaaah I can’t wait to travel and be with my favorite piggies again!!

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So this the continuation  (sort of) of my major throwback post 3 days ago.

Maxi skirts/dresses makes me feel pretty without being too girly.


I hate”d” wearing pants. I used to wear them a lot when I was younger but everyone thought I was a tomboy or something so I had to do some MAJOR makeover and yeaaap a few years after here I am now, posting a fashion entry on my blog.


Anyway, going back to me hating wearing pants… I don’t know but it makes me feel….trapped.

But since I have to deal with the cold weather here, I don’t really have much choice, especially during winter. If I can only stand the cold by just wearing leggings when it’s snowing, I would. HA!

I love wearing maxi skirts/dresses because it gives me that freedom. The way it moves around while I am walking and how comfortable it is for my legs.


        Selfie Overload

Top: Papaya

Maxi Skirt: Trippy Swag


Dial R for Random

Some of the things that I miss from home.


Ordering Asian goods online.

It was my first to order from TasteCentral and booooy how I love their efficiency and amazing service. My goods arrived at my house very fast and they were all safely packed — it’s as if I ordered from Amazon! 🙂

I got 7 different items cause I was that excited! They have imported and local products that you can’t really see often in the markets in Manila soooo YAY!


One of the brands that I got — Dilmah Tea. Came right in time for the chorvs! 🙂


Whyyyy did I leave you????

One of the best make up removers I’ve had!


KitKat overload!

Half of it was from my KitKat supplier slash awesome girl friend – Alyza!!!

OMGGGG had to resist myself from having a “break” aka “kitkat” every night when I was home lol


for my family and A! 🙂

Perfect for A cause he loves kitkat and peanut butter!


I often see this in the awesome stores here and I always get reminded of my sister cause she gave me a box for Christmas! 🙂


And… uhhhh. TAHO! Need I say more????


Lastly, our shoe closet! This is just half of my sister and I’s beautiful shoe closet and I wish I brought more “babies” with me!!!

Mommy will be back soon, pretty babies!!!!!!!


R <3

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