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Hello dolls!! 🙂 It’s almost cinco de mayo, one of my favorite cultural celebrations here in America. For the most part, I love it because of Mexican food and uhh who doesn’t love colorful and festive days like cinco de mayo? (I can also squeeze in tequilla here but I am not a tequilla drinker soooo yeah). I am extra excited about cinco de mayo this year because it’s on a Monday!!!! A and I are not going to be crazy drunk like the other amigos/amigas here in Baltimore BUT we are planning to have DELICIOUS Mexican food all day (and maybe a margarita for me in between).


I love Mexican food and I fell in love with Chipotle 2 years ago when A brought me there for one of our “secret lunch dates” before work.

I don’t think we’ve been to a lot of Mexican restaurants here in Baltimore because of Chipotle. It’s our to-go slash Mexican fix place!


So yeah this year we are going to get out there and try more Mexican restaurants and I know we will find some good ones like Taco Love Grill because we have a good number of Hispanics here in Maryland! 🙂

I was very excited to go to Taco Love Grill, it was my reward after getting things done at the MVA.


For our appetizer we got their chips and salsa. All the salsa were homemade and VERY GOOD!

I loved mixing the 3


Oh why hello there little piece of goodness


….and the feast begins!

Segue: I seriously can’t wait for tomorrow!


A’s Pastor Burrito

A loves burrito so much!!Every time he finishes his burrito I would ask him “where did the burrito go? How did you do that??”. Burritos here are HUUUGE! Chipotle’s and Mexican restaurants in American does not skimp on the filling so it really is a complete meal. In A’s case, he could still eat a few other things before and after his burrito.


I opted for the tacos because they make their own corn tortilla! OMGGGG It was delicious.

And another that I love? I can get 3 different tacos!! Without having to pay extra. Awesome!!



I loved the grilled fish, it reminded me of the fish tacos that we used to have on the menu at BCC — and how it almost killed me during busy services!


Pechuga de Pollo

I love restaurants that can serve me marinated chicken. Being a salad lover, I usually get my salad with chicken. but some restaurants can get lazy and just season and cook the chicken.

Chicken breast is pretty subtle in flavor and can get dry so having a good chicken fix for that day is a plus 🙂




Flavorful but not too overpowering! The Mexican people who owns and works at TLG did a great job on this one 🙂


Wiped Out

A of course helped me with my tacos.

Can I just say…again…that I really really can’t wait for tomorrow?



A little OOTD since it’s been a while.


So happy that I did not have to wear a heavy jacket, it just made our day even better 🙂


The sun was out and my hands were not freezing. It was awesome!


Love the sunglasses that Ruth gave me before I left!! <3




Sweater: Lauren Conrad


R <3

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