Kitchen Diaries: Steak Quesadilla

Hello, dolls!! 🙂 How was your cinco de mayo?  I hope it wasn’t just another lazy Monday, cause mine was AWESOME. I know the Philippines is not big on cinco de mayo, but America is, and I am so glad that I can celebrate and not look weird for being too excited about it. The night before cinco de mayo, something hit me, I saw the scarf that my brother #jejekid gave me 2 years ago. I thought that it was really perfect for the day — the festive colors representing cinco de mayo and the soft texture fit for spring. I pulled it out of my closet and as a habit, I smelled it (yes, I smell my clothes haha) but that’s not what’s important — it smelled like home. The mixed feelings that I got when I smelled the scarf brought me to tears and gave me this certain excitement. I can’t wait to go home and be with my piggies again, I can’t wait to cook for my family again and see my Dad happy, I can’t wait for our travel plans to happen — I CAN’T WAIT!


Cinco de Mayo and my yearning for my family? This is the perfect post for today.

I love themed dinners and love menu planning. I am very OC when it comes to the dishes complimenting each other — flavor, cuisine, texture, color.


Tortilla, Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Monterey Jack, and Bell Pepper

We are ready for Mexican Night!! 🙂


I originally wanted pepper jack, but they only had this.



It’s always refreshing to shop in Market Place/Rustan’s the wide selection of foods and the “kind-of-hard-to-find” ingredients are there. I’ve always hated grocery shopping in Manila cause I always end up going to 2 supermarkets just to complete my list. But Market Place has never failed me! 🙂


Cheese oozing out of my chicken quesadilla… yumms!


What’s Mexican Night without onion and peppers?


Chicken Quesadilla x Beef Fajita

I also had whole wheat tortillas cause I am maarte like that. I always try not to hurt the progress of my weight loss when I cook at home lol




I remember having so much fun with my siblings during our pizza night! 🙂

The oven was being annoying that night so some of the pizzas has this uneven color. It’s always gratifying to cook with my siblings and create a mess in the kitchen!

Can’t wait to spend more Saturdays like this with them in the near future!!!!! 🙂



Morroccan Night

Did a recipe from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Cookbook.

I chose this because I love couscous and I love seafood — and I also love bringing new flavors to the table for my family to try.


Plating is pretty bad but overall I think Jamie Oliver would be happy! haha




What do you do when the help is off? Cook your family’s favorite and be creative! 🙂



Rooftop picnic style burger night. Had so much fun doing this!

Used recycled papers as our place mats, wrote our names with corresponding icons to make it more personalized 🙂


To make our burger night more fun, we used take out boxes 🙂

Homemade burger with American cheese, BLT,  and fired egg on top!




…and of course, can’t eat without my salad!


To make our burger night complete… red velvet cupcakes baked by Klariz!!!

I miss awesome Saturdays like this at home 🙁


R <3


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