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03.27.14: Ā Greek Week

Hello, dolls!! šŸ™‚ It’s almost Mother’s Day in the Philippines and I am so heartbroken that I am going to miss another one, to date I think I’ve already spent 4 Mother’s Day away from my Mom. Each weekend has been crazy busy and very exciting! I never thought I would look forward to Mondays this MUCH. I celebrated my first 7 Mondays here with a cocktail in one hand, laughing when I hear the #selfie song and hoping that I won’t scream #yolo by the end of the night. Now, reality came my way and now I am enjoying my weekends doing what I love to do — #kitchenlife.

P.S. I get a little too crazy with hashtags — #AsYouCanSee x #DontEvenGetMeStartedĀ 


with my Greek <3


For this year’s Greek Week, A and I were not able to go to more than one Greek restaurant because of his schedule. I was looking forward to going to at least one with him but #kitchenlife comes first in times like this. Luckily, I was able to go to Yasou with Lovely a few days before this so it was a good Greek week for me still šŸ™‚

I am so happy that we were finally able to go toĀ Oyster Bay Grille!Ā I remember being too excited about that night because of 2 reasons — first, their Greek Week menu,and second, I get to see one of the best mentors I’ve had!


Working in the kitchen is tough. Sacrifices has to be made and you spend pretty much your entire day in the kitchen on your feet hustling like a crazy person. I can’t even enumerate the many things that we have to go through because of this job — it is beautiful…hard…and I love it!

I am very lucky that I got to work with one of the most talented Chefs that I’ve met. Being under his supervision for a year was an amazing opportunity for me. I can’t express how grateful I am of the things that I learned from, cause without all the knowledge that I procured during my time with Chef Chris, I wouldn’t be able to do the things that I am doing now.


So how can I pass up to see a beautiful plate like this? I was too excited to sit down and enjoy his food like a real diner, and not just take bits and nibbles of it because I have to know the taste for dinner service.


A is crazy about charcuterie, when it is on the menu he will surely get it!

He also likes making charcuterie stuff, which I am very proud of! The patience and knowledge that him and Chef Chris has when it comes to charcuterie are just admirable.


DuckĀ Rilettes, Smoked Duck Breast, PorchettaĀ Di Testa, Head Cheese, and Tasso Ham


For my first course, I chose to get the Greek salad

Cause salad makes me happy and they toss it in their house made oregano vinaigrette šŸ™‚

A had the Avgolemono soup — an interesting Greek soup made with rice, chicken, lemon, aromatic vegetables and egg


My entree wasĀ Sauteed Shrimp and Octopus with lemon-caper cream, tomato feta orzo Ā and wilted garlic spinach

Everything about this dish was top notch!! OMG (seriously) shrimp and octopus? As soon as I saw this on the menu I was already set on getting this! Octopus and shrimp were perfectly cooked and I love love love the lemon-caper cream sauce (it took me back to the days when I was working with Chef Chris!) and uhhh the tomato feta orzo was just perfect for Greek Week and to serve it with spinach was just beyond perfect! I feel like this dish was made for me. LOL


A;sĀ Lamb Osso Bucco with Tomato Fennel Sauce , Lemon Roasted Potatoes, and Stewed Green Beans

Lamb was cooked perfectly! Very tender and flavorful. I am a sucker for potatoes so yeah, I finished A’s lemon roasted potatoes :))



Dessert Time!!




My favorite Greek dessert! I love chilled Baklava and this was perfect! Served with chocolate? Yes please! Heavenly indeed.


Bread Pudding



March 2014 here in Baltimore was still pretty cold and I remember being annoyed cause it snowed a few times when it was supposed to be spring already


Most of the time,when it’s cold, I just want to feel comfortable and wear leggings so I pulled out one of my comfiest sweaters,paired it with the skirt that my sister gave me and wore my favorite leggings


Sweater:Ā Forever21




Shielding myself from Ā the cold with my favorite scarf and jacket


Another amazing date night with my forever date! šŸ™‚


r <3

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