Housewarming Party

03.23.2014: Welcome to our apartment!

Hello dolls!! πŸ™‚ How have you been? Another busy weekend has come to an end (and when I say weekend, I mean Sunday-Tuesday). It’s been a while since my last update about my life here in Baltimore. Can you believe that tomorrow, it will be my 3rd month here?? Time flies so fast, and this entry is 2 months late! HA HA

One of the things that I am loving here is…our apartment!! It’s spacious, modern, and just simply amazing.Β This is not an apartment tour but it could be the start of more apartment posts in the future, maybe some DIYs or housekeeping tips from a newbie like me! πŸ˜›


Independent living is not new to me, but if I could rate my first year of being independent, I would say that I was like a student learning the ins and outs of having to deal with chores on a day to day basis. Coming from a home wherein I would only have to worry about waking up and doing the things that I love to do without worrying about house chores made me appreciate the beauty of being a responsible adult.

Anyway, let me share with you our amazing experience during our housewarming week.


Here’s how we spent our “last” monthsary. A and I decided that we will stop celebrating our monthsary after our second since we now know that we have years and years ahead of us! πŸ™‚

Late night sausage making, and to make our Friday night even better…we had wine!


We love going to Cross Street Market. Went to Fenwick’s for our sausage casings.


(click to enlarge photo)

Pork shoulder x Lamb Leg for our sausages and lamb burgers



Since A had to work all day for the weekend, I decided to start on prepping stuff for the party.


I was able to do 5 things for the party and cook for the bible study that I attended that night.

Just imagine the satisfaction that I felt when I got things done in time!



My special request to A…chicken sausage!


with my favorite ingredients


Bacon and chicken with cheese sausage?? YUMMS!


…and sausage making starts now!


Grinding the meat (a) and mixture (b)


(click to enlarge picture)

6lbs of loukaniko and about 4.5lbs of chicken sausage!

We are ready for the party πŸ™‚


I don’t know how we did it but we were able to serve great food for everyone. I was panicking cause A got stuck at work and I know how much he wanted to cook the rest of the stuff, but I had to cook most of it cause guests started arriving.

Wine, liquor, cocktail, beer, food and desserts. It was an awesome spread I must say.

Since it was a “house”warming party, I told A that we should try to make everything “home”made so we did πŸ™‚


We finally used the cast iron! πŸ™‚ It has been with A for years and he never used it.

So I borrowed it and used for the steak for the quesadillas and burgers!



Steak Quesadillas with Peppers & Onion and Mexican Cheese ready to be sliced x Pasta Salad



and behind it is the cheese fondue



Arugula, Bacon, Cherry Tomatoes with Lemon Vinaigrette



Before it turned into burgers


Cause I love Greek food so much!!


Our masterpiece for the party.



And what’s a party without desserts?


Really love how this turned out. I don’t bake fruit flavored cupcakes a lot, but this one I enjoyed making. I added grapefruit zest to the mixture to make it more zesty and fruity.




..and these are just some. We still have most of the beer and liquor here. Ready to be consume for our next party. Haha

Thanks to Maria for making one of the best cocktails I’ve had!


Cause Tory Burch is love!!!!!

When you see it you’ll…. yeah. A trying to be a Tory girl! hahaha


1/3 of the people who celebrated with us!

So happy Jamie stopped by after work. And glad to see Jon again after almost a year,and to meet his friend from Delaware (that’s all I know haha I was too wonky to remember names that night!)

P.S. say hello to my ugly wasted face! yikes


Frances and Baby Roger spent the entire day in the apartment! I was very happy to have her beside me cause Maria and I wouldn’t be able to Β serve the food on time if she didn’t help us! πŸ™‚

So grateful we were able to have a housewarming party after being in the apartment for a month!! πŸ™‚


Earlier that week

And a little extra to end this entry



Went to the MVA for some driving stuff…… meh


Lunch date with this amazing man


Birthday breakfast for Maria’s 23rd!! πŸ™‚ YUMMMS


Stalking horse to celebrate Maria’s birthday!!






Β …and since A can’t stand the crazy wild crowd, went to Pub Dog which was next door for some late night grub!


Β R <3

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