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03.27.2014: G.I.R.L.S

Hello dolls!! 🙂 Happy Friday! The past week has been pretty stressful, the (hashtag) BTB problems has finally kicked in. How did I go from more than a year to less than 11 months? Anyway, today I will be sharing with you another party that I hosted, this time in our apartment. I’ve learned to love hosting parties after my Dad’s great decision of building a rooftop for us. Though I have not hosted any gatherings for the past month because of work, I am looking forward to the next one that will come my way (and I am sensing that it will be in Manila! yay). So just imagine my delight when one of my good friends, Frances, came up to me and asked if I can host her Bachelorette party? I was so excited that I was able to finalize the menu in less than 24 hours haha. I only had less than 3 weeks to get the party together and I am glad that it was a success.

We had so much fun that uhh…I am sharing 50+ photos!! Yupppp.. I got a little crazy haha


So once again, I tried to be Martha Stewart and made most of the decorations and  all of the food

the other bridesmaids and I decided on the theme “welcome spring” (cause we were all just yearning for it) and I was supposed to do the party at our backyard but UHHHH it rained! It was pouring so I had to bring the party inside.


 Gotta let them know!


View from the right side of the buffet


And now left…duhh

Our apartment does not have very good lighting, and this was taken at 1PM (would you believe?) the weather did not help at all haha

Onto the food…..


 Basil Frittata


Since it was a girl’s party, I made pretty foods slash foods for maarte girls!

Thank you Ina Garten for a delicious Basil Frittata recipe. I loved how this has 3 kinds of cheese — ricotta, gruyere, and parmesan! Yummms


My chicken sliders

I tried to stay on the healthy side as much as possible….we do not want to gain weight before the wedding,don’t we?


Served the chicken sliders with spinach cause they are amazing together.

Looking at this photo made me crave for chicken sliders, I should probably do them again! Sun dried tomatoes and chicken? YUMMS!


Pasta Salad

Bacon, spinach, and lemon vinaigrette


Bacon Pinwheels

Pastry dough filled with bacon and cheddar cheese…YES PLEASE!!!


Tzatziki…of course! 🙂

Planning the menu was a bit challenging for me cause I had to consider that there will be girls who are under age (and when I say under age, 3 who are barely 16)

And you know what I love about challenges? They are always fun and exciting! And the satisfying feeling of accomplishing it is priceless.


 Fish Tacos

Cause I know how much Frances misses eating fish! 🙂

It was more of a taco station, something fun for the fingers! 🙂

A said my corn salsa tasted almost the same as Chipotle’s….I was honored! hahaha


Angel Food Cupcakes with Lemon Mascarpone Frosting topped with Blackberries


Carrot Cupcakes with Cream cheese Frosting

I love this recipe of carrot cupcakes! No sugar and very minimal use of butter. The reciple called for dates as a sweetener, and bananas to make it moist. YUMMS


Chocolate Crinkles

Can’t have a girl’s party without cookies! 😉


Strawberry Mojito

Grizelle made strawberry mojitos!! YUMMMS!

We served the girls mocktails, made with sprite and strawberries! haha


 Now…the decorations

Color motif: Orange and Yellow


I thought of doing pinwheels cause I know getting fresh flowers would be expensive since it wasn’t spring yet

Yellow drinking cups and napkins, cutesy straws.. unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of our very spring inspired plates!




I put the pinwheels in jars, some sticked to the basket and our very colorful pitcher


For the giveaways, I tried to be creative again.

Got the frames from Party City. I immediately thought that it would be perfect to represent Frances because of the color.


Cupcake scented soaps to make the party yummier!

Some of the flavors were, red velvet, lemon meringue, and vanilla! They all smelled sooooo goood!!!



 Wrapped the boxes in their corresponding colors for an easy distribution.

I did not have any thick ribbon to hold up the frames so I used my white construction paper instead, and was surprised how well it turned out! haha

And instead of printing thank you notes, I wrote it on the paper that came with the frames instead.


A helped me to put up these cute ceiling decor.

One of the reasons why it’s awesome to be a with a tall man!


Mrs. S gave Maria and I her stamp collection, and I thought it would be nice to used them for the party!

For our second activity. the girls enjoyed writing letters for Frances and decorating it with stamps 🙂

First activity was a “get to know game”. All of us had to write 2 things for Frances to guess…keyword of how we met her,and a favorite memory that we shared with her.


Third game, scattergories. 

This was a great way to kill time especially if not all of the guests are done eating.

I forgot to take a picture of our prizes. The winners were able to take home cosmetics! #LUCKY


Fourth game, donut eating contest

It was supposed to be tied on a rope but I decided to just have them put the donuts on their fingers to represent a ring.


…and the last game! the game that we all enjoyed!! 🙂

It’s like “trip to jerusalem” and “simon says” combined!



All of us <3


Me: “Roni, don’t  eat the soap when you get home”

Cause she kept on sniffing it! hahaha


Gave Frances a pandora charm 🙂


End of party number 1!



After the girls left (and a little cleaning up) we had jello shots to kick off the second part of Frances’ bachelorette



Second to the last game…you know what it is! haha


Before we changed into our party outfits!

This is love!!! <3


Yup…. I take planning parties seriously!!!:)


Third part of Frances’ bachelorette…night out!!!


Our sweet ride from UBER!! The SUV was very spacious…we felt like Kim K with our big black car for the night! haha




First stop: The Belvedere




We started the night in a classy way… had drinks at the 13th floor of The Belvedere



My Peach John Dally…… sooooo good!!!

Perfect with the beautiful view

IMG_5683ALove how it was packed with colors….

Obligatory restroom group shot haha


Will definitely go back with A!!!


Love this girl!!! <3


with Lovely this time



Girls get hungry too

Dinner at Mother’s! 😉

And then went to 3 more bars after…


Shots at stalking horse

For our last game, we played “bachelorette scavenger hunt” we were not able to do all of it cause…yeah. But it was so much fun to go from bar to bar and look for each category.


Last destination: Power Plant!


R <3

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