Valentines 2014 <3

02.14.14: Home Is Where The Heart Is

Hello, dolls!! 🙂 Today is Sunday, so it’s family time. Though I am gazillion miles away from my family, I try to do little things that would remind me of our awesome family days together, one of which is to share them through this blog.

Valentine’s day has always been a family thing for me, I’ve never really enjoyed it with another person until A came into my life. For the past few years, my Dad would always make it special for my sister, my Mom and I — balloons and bouquets of flowers are always present in our home during Valentine’s day. So just imagine, how happy I was to be able to wake up in Manila for Valentine’s Day this year. I know it’s crazy that I am only posting this now, but whatevs…you know how this blog and normalcy rolls, they just couldn’t meet together. HA


This year was slightly different,

3 red roses and red balloons from my Dad and brothers AAAAAND a sweet handwritten letter all the way from Baltimore from my love <3


Valentine’s Day dinner table


And Valentine’s Day outfit…

all after the jump 😉



All I really wanted for Valentine’s Day was a cup of gelato with 2 of some of my favorite flavors…… but I got more!


Can’t have a lovely dinner without my salad! 😉


Clean my pantry appetizer: Italian Sausage and Grilled Zucchini on top of Polenta Cake with Manchego Cheese

I love cheese and polenta……and sausage and zucchini. Sometimes I get a little too crazy and put all my favorites together like ice cream scoops! haha


Jejekid’s request: Meat Lasagna

He requested lasagna days before Valentine’s, but he was such a jeje that day and did not sleep until 7AM resulting to him missing out on our dinner!! Boohoo




The Best Dad bought 6 14oz rib eye steaks

So first I prayed that I wouldn’t screw up the steaks when I cook it for dinner. I prayed that I would cook it the way he wants his steak to be, tender and juicy. And I prayed that I could give him an amazing Valentine’s Dinner cause he is an amazing Dad.


I marinated the steaks in oil and herbs for more than 4 hours. Good enough to make them flavorful even by just adding salt and pepper.


Aside from the steak, he also bought prawns…HUGE PRAWNS! And since I did not want them to be too overwhelmed with all the flavors on the table, I just cooked it with butter and garlic.YUMMS


Say hello to our surf and turf dinner! 😉

A small portion of mashed potatoes is on the plate as well… it looks silly but I know we couldn’t finish a huge portion of it so whatevs… haha

Considering that we also had fresh oysters, salad, and lasagna!


And to end our wonderful dinner on a sweet note… my white chocolate cheesecake was served for dessert 😉


 My V-day dates!

It was better than going out! I set up our rooftop nicely..perfect for Valentine’s Day for the 4 of us.

My parents wore red…and my sister and I wore pink! hahaha





This cutie made my Valentine’s Day even better!!!!


You can’t leave us at home and expect to not do anything crazy like…..



…..go up to the rooftop and take pictures!


Maaaah homie!


Went extra girly for Valentine’s Day! 😉



The balloons as my prop



I don’t know why…but I can’t seem to curl my hair like this anymore 🙁

Segue lang…. hahaha



Heart printed blouse perfect for the day of hearts 😉


Paired it with a lace skirt and pink wedges 😉 Girly vibe all the way!






The place that I miss the most….only a fewmonths left!!!!





R <3

4 thoughts on “Valentines 2014 <3

  1. you should post up some of your recipes sometime, I’m so jealous I wish I knew how to cook 🙁 All the food looks wonderful and glad you had such a nice Valentine day 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!! 🙂 I actually thought of that but I’ve never had the time to actually sit and write down my recipes, especially that most of the time I do not measure what I cook. I think I will start with the pastries since its easier. Haha 🙂 Anyway, thanks again!!! 🙂

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