Hello dolls!! This week,I am EXTRA happy. A and I have a pretty decent work schedule for the next 9 days,and we are embracing each day with soooo much food! We both love pasta, I mean who doesn’t?? Pasta is one of our “to go” foods, and I love how we can make the simplest pasta dish in 15 minutes, or an amazing homemade pasta and sauce in 45 minutes. When the year 2014 started, I told A that when I get back I would like to try and do everything from scratch ; emphasis on the word try cause some foods need extra resources to be made.  Anyway, one of the things that we enjoy doing in the kitchen is making fresh pasta.


We usually call Monday “Pasta Monday” or “Meatless Monday”.

But recently it has been “Asian Monday” cause for 2 weeks now I’ve cooked Asian food! haha


This happened almost 3 months ago, our very first fresh pasta in the apartment.

We decided to make ravioli with it. I remember it was the day after our housewarming party, and I told A I want ravioli, next thing I know we were  in the kitchen gathering all the ingredients for our delicious dinner.


Look at that perfect dough.

I love fresh pasta, especially A’s. He is just really good with it! He can make different variations too like spinach, ramp, beets and whatsoever. Endless possibilities for an amazing Chef! 😉


A reminder of why we shouldn’t buy a big bag of onions….cause we are always at work!


I decided to make the filling and the sauce.

For the filling, I used some leftover lamb patties from the party the day before, and added spinach (for the healthy feel haha) and a bit  of dubliner cheese to help it bind (and uuuh, I love cheese so much!)



Pasta dough, ready to be rolled out.


Ravioli in the making


We served it with asparagus..cause dinner is not dinner without veggies for me! haha

The lamb filling and the perfect pasta were so delicious with the tomato sauce!! <3 yumms



Our next fresh pasta stint was inspired by Jamie Oliver. We have a good number of amazing cookbooks here,  I told A that we should try to make something from one of the cookbooks at least once a week.

So he decided to pull out one of Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks and made his fresh pasta recipe.


We do not know why but A had to add more eggs to the recipe, it came out pretty dry the first time he was kneading it.



He calls this “cheat’s pasta”. It’s like your mini lasagna sheets.





Cherry tomato sauce


Mouthwatering…..aaaah this was soooo good!!!




…and yup, we had it with spinach!!



It’s not always “fresh” for us. Sometimes, when we are both scheduled to work at 2pm (which happens once every 2 weeks) we cook.

We usually do 15 minute meals…like stir fry or a simple pasta dish like this.



One of our favorites? Pasta with white wine clam sauce. And if I am lucky, we get to add spinach if I have some!




And lastly, another favorite of mine..couscous.

I love zesty dishes, I love how it brings out the flavors of a dish more with a fresher feel. So for one of our 2PM lunch dates, I asked him to cook chicken picatta with couscous.



It was a lighter version because I asked him not to bread and deep fry the chicken breast. I have to say, A makes the most delicious home cooked Italian dishes! I am one lucky lady <3


R <3

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