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Hello, dolls!! 🙂 We are here in New Jersey now and I can’t believe that we are going home tonight….already!!! We spent 3 days here and it was ahmahhhzing!A short day trip to Philadelphia yesterday and a lot of eating since Sunday…aaah I am so happy <3 Anyway, I am not going to let this week pass without thanking my first love, my Dad. I’ve already caught up with my family posts (I never thought this day would come haha jk) so I am sharing something extra personal today.


 I will show you a glimpse of the amazing room that my Dad built for my sister and I <3


Last year, I came home with soooooo much excitement. Aside from happiness that I felt when I saw my family at the airport,the anticipation of going back to a more beautiful home made me want to leave the airport right away.

Warning: Extreme pink lovin’ ahead


Wall to wall closet for my Sissy and I

I couldn’t be any more proud of my Dad. All the hard work that he  has done just for us to have our dream home is one of the things why I admire my Dad so much.


I attempted to edit this photo, but I can pretty much say that I failed cause its not how I imagined it to be haha oh well

Anyway, my Dad made my sister and I design our closets. For my side,I decided to give more space for my dresses, and made sure I will have room for everything — bags, accessories, shirts and bottoms…


..and yup, I only use pink hangers.

I was considering of bringing velvet hangers last year, cause I love them. But I knew I would have to bring A LOT so I’ve decided to just skip on that and save them for my closet here.


An area for my perfume collection and beauty products.


Having a closet in Manila and here in Baltimore can be pretty sad at times.

Occasionally  I would find myself saying “oh I have that bag in MNL” or “I wish I brought that top with me”.



I love staring at my shoes, my clothes, and my lippies. It’s crazy I know but I know a lot of you can relate haha

I had to leave stuff in MNL/MD cause I vowed to not having excess baggage whenever I travel. I was known as the Queen of excess baggage,and those days are long gone…. I hope!


I swear it does not look this cluttered in person haha

I still have no idea on how to organize my lipsticks. The lipstick organizers that I’ve seen here are not enough and it would take up so much space on my vanity.




Where I keep my skirts and shorts. Drawers.

I can’t hang them like how I do it here since I do not have enough skirt hangers! In fact, I don’t think I even have one in MNL. haha


My Mom knows how much I love reading, so she told my Dad to build this for my sister and I.

We both have a lot of trinkets, especially her so it’s a bit crowded but obviously mine’s more organized. haha


My favorite scent — incanto!! It deserves to be on top of my desk. I need to see it everyday. haha


…and I love taking down notes of anything, and drawing!




What is P.I.N.K?

Our room in MNL is all about pink and being girly! So here in Baltimore, I tried to stay away from that and created something more mature.

The beauty of having 2 rooms, I get to experiment and do things depending on my mood! I can be girly and fun or mature and sophisticated. 🙂


My love for anything Paris inspired…and the peace sign! haha


Yup, our room is the “fashion avenue” in our home! lol



My side


 From my sister’s side


And the best part!!!! Our dream shoe closet!!!!!


Saw these on the streets in New York. How can I not fall in love with them? They’re perfect! I felt like they spoke to my soul. haha


IMG_1087A IMG_1088A IMG_1090A


Thank you so much Daddy for giving us our dream room!!!!! <3 <3 <3

I love opening the door to our room and seeing our babies first!!!

Obviously we couldn’t fit everything so my sister had to put some of her in her closet and I had to put some of mine outside our room. Yikes 😐


R <3


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