Greek Easter Traditions

Hello, dolls!! 🙂 I thank the #TBT gods for gracing us Thursday for throwbacks, the day that is “quite” okay for me to post an entry that is at least 2 months old. “Quite” cause I know I should be doing a better job in updating my page. My goal for this blog this year is to be up to date with everything and have no entries that is more than a month old wish me luck.  The amount of entries that I have yet to post is not getting any smaller, but I am getting close to bringing this page up to date so yea, I have 5 months!!! 😉

Anyway, I have always been excited about embracing new traditions and one of the things that I looked forward to when I came back here is Greek Easter. A has told me a lot of amazing things that they did over the years, and he leaves me drooling each time.


This year, I was finally able to experience it and I couldn’t be any happier! 😉

I missed their huge Greek Easter celebration 2 years ago because work got in the way, and this year, A missed having dinner with his family in the apartment because of work…again. Haha


Delicious Greek food!!!!

This entry will also include a couple of snippets from New Jersey after Greek Easter.


The eve of the 20th. Went to the Greek Orthodox church after getting from work at 10:30PM. It was my first time to be in a Greek church, and I must say, I liked it!

It was very solemn and I felt like it was close to what I have been used to.


a. Greek Egg Tapping game — I got the strongest egg! I cracked all of their eggs and it was so funny cause it’s my first time! haha

b. Pizzagaina – Italian cheese and ham pie. Delicious treat straight from an Italian bakery in New York!

c. Pork Sirloin with Olive Oil and Oregano at 2:30AM? Why not!

d. Magiritsa – Lamb Easter soup made with lamb offal. It was really good and it reminded me of our Filipino dish batchoy.. which to me is very delish!!


Good morning Peety!


And hello, Easter! Greek Easter fell on the same day as the same day as Easter so yeah, I am so happy that I did not have to work that day!! 😉


Shrimp Cocktail for our afternoon snack


Spanakopita and Tiropites

2 of may favorite Greek appetizers! 😉


Sausage,anyone? 😉

…..and onto dinner!


Oven roasted potatoes!!! Yummms



Greek Salad = happiness


Roasted Leg of Lamb! Aaaaah so delicious and cooked to perfection!! What Greek Easter dinner is all about!!! <3 <3 <3


Delicious Greek and Italian pastries!

I died.



Baklava and Diples

OMG. Baklava. *drools*




Delicious cannoli from an Italian pastry shop in NYC. I must go to one soon and try more delish Italian desserts! This was sooooo gooooooood!!!


Lemon Meringue Pie

I had to stop myself from overindulging.






Easter Week treats

Butterfinger cups = the death of me. OMG!


The basics

I have finally decided (again) to step it up and learn more about the basics of putting make up! So far I’ve been enjoying it.

I told myself that I wouldn’t splurge on make-up yet until I learn how to do it properly so yeaaap. So far I’ve been doing good… I think haha

** The hair spray from herbal essences is great! I love the smell and how it holds my hair when I style it.

** The organic surge eye gel is a good product to use before I go to bed, I used to have puffier eyes but I guess after using this for a month it worked cause the make up artist at Sephora commended me for not having “puffs” haha

** Forever21’s natural palette is a good starter too! I love the shades so much!! 🙂

And lastly, Too Faced Cosmetics’ Eyelash serum is a gift! I still need to remind myself to use it often for me to feel if it actually works! haha


One day I woke up and said…you know what? I will buy 3 lace garments today!

Haaaa! I have been extra crazy about lace recently. I don’t know why but maybe it’s because of the femininity that it exudes 😉


So after A got off from work, we went to New Jersey to spend the weekend.

Delicious Chinese lunch in New Jersey


Delicious wontons in garlic sauce. OMG I want this now!



I always order General Tso’s whenever we go to a chinese place like this. It is Americanized but ugggh, how can an Asian like me resist the sweet…sour and spicy sauce?


04.22.14: Dinner at Atlantic City


Before we went back to Baltimore, A’s parents took us to Girasole. An authentic Italian restaurant in Atlantic City.



Insalata Di Formaggi

Selection of cheese, curled endive, arugula, pear, and walnuts

Loved this!! The pear was sweet and it complimented the cheese and arugula very well.



a. Melanzene e Zucchine Al Forno – eggplant and zucchine baked with tomato sauce…. delicious!!

b. Braciola, Salsiccia E Schiacciatine in Umido Con Polenta – Beef brociola, Italian sausage. meatballs in a tomato sauce served with polenta

c. Spaghettini Alla Polpa Di Granchio E Pachino – spaghettini with crab meat and fresh grape tomatoes

d.. Homemade Pasta: Chitarra Ai Frutti Di Mare



…and my Pappardelle Ai Funghi Misti

so delicious!! I love mushrooms and nothing beats homemmade pasta! this was perfection!! 🙂


R <3

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