Momofuku x Milk Bar

04.21.2014: Before the big Y-E-S.

Hello, dolls!!! 🙂 Today, I will love myself more. I mean not that I don’t…In fact, sometimes I think I love myself waaay too much haha. But you see, I had a pretty rough week. I don’t know what hit me but I overthink everything or anything that comes my way. I get in this weird zone at least once in a year, not more than thrice if I may say, but yeah. I am just fortunate that I have A who is very patient who tells me the nicest things, hugs me tighter,and keeps emotional eating away from me.


For our anniversary this year, A and I went to New York. We are planning to celebrate our anniversary in different cities (last year we were in New Jersey). I’ve always wanted to go to Momofuku, ever since I read about it almost 4 years ago. It took me a while to get there, but trust me, A and I tried to go 2 years ago but something as exciting as going to Momofuku always comes up, that we’ve decided put it on hold until April 21st. It was more meaningful for us anyway because we went on our Anniversary day! 😉




Stalker mode while waiting for our food.


We walked in for lunch, and boy it was packed. Since it was only A and I, we got lucky and got seated at the bar in less than 5 minutes. I wouldn’t want to sit anywhere else, the closer to the kitchen, the better for A and I 😉


We talked about how impressive the open kitchen is. We felt like it lived up to the standards of open kitchens, simple and clean. No horrifying sights that made us think twice about the food.


And aaaah they use all-clad pans!!



Steamer for the buns.

We were in awe about the organization of each station.


April 21,2014 <3


Sausage Buns for appetizer 🙂


Momofuku is not only known for ramen, David Chang did a hell of a job with his steamed buns too!

They were light,fluffy and aaaah soft I can taste heaven! The sausage was very flavorful and perfectly cooked! I love the crispy and juicy texture. Also, I am not a big fan of mustard, but this one is an exception. — it was too good!


My ginger scallion noodles.

pickled shiitakes, cucumber, cabbage.


I chose this one because of the shiitakes — I love mushrooms too much!

The shiitakes were pickled to perfection. My bowl did not have any broth nor protein but it was just as satisfying as any ramen bowls that I had. This was simply amazing and flavorful.


A’s Momofuku Ramen

pork belly, pork shoulder, poached egg


Cause what is a momofuku trip if we don’t try their Momofuku Ramen? This was DIVINE!

A had the ultimate RAMENgasm!

He ordered another bowl of noodles cause he knew it would be so good one serving is not going to be enough! HA



Thank you, Momofuku!!!!



Now onto desserts….

I read about Milk Bar shortly after my Momofuku craze, all I knew at that time was how badly I wanted to try the cornflake cookie and cornflake milk. So just imagine how EXTRA excited I was that day that I was going to try Christina Tosi’s creations as well?


I just had to…. I can’t not order the dessert trio!

P.S. I wish I took better photos of everything, but I was rubbing elbows with a stranger at the bar so yeaaaaah.


The Ritz cookie

This reminded me of my brother Remo, who is such a ritz fan! I love ritz too, but he has a deeper relationship with it. He would’ve loved this cause this was such a perfect creation for ritz lovers!!!


PB & Strawberry Sweet Cracker Soft Serve

I had to force A to take the cup away from me, this was toooooo gooooood!!! I loved the surprise in the middle and I wish I have this NOW!


Pretzel Cake Truffles

Thank God we were given 3 pieces cause I did not plan to share one truffle with A. I am a sucker for cake truffles and PRETZELS! I love pretzels too much and incorporating it with something that I equally love is torture to my body and satisfaction for my mouth!



We could’ve looked happier…but yeah, food coma.


After our amazing lunch, we went to Queens. Our main agenda was to see ‘A’s Nouna so we stoped by this korean bakery to get her something.


Koryodang reminded me of Bread Talk in the Philippines.

soft pillowy breads and beautiful cakes in the display case only with BETTER drink options.



I was so full when we got to Koryodang, but as soon as I saw the matcha rice korean tea on the menu, I did not hesitate to get it.


Nut Butter Bread — cause I love butter breads! Unfortunately this one is not as good as the ones that I’ve had before,.



Exactly a year ago, we were in Stewart’s NJ having lunch. Can’t believe how time flew by!

Segue lang hahaha


I finally met Nouna and I was so happy!!!

She served us 2 delicious (I honestly think that this word is an understatement for these cakes) from a Greek pastry shop in Queens. It’s such a shame we couldn’t remember the name!


But first let me…. yup it happened!


A’s tired face, X my big happy face while holding a half eaten cookie! haha


R <3

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