Sunday Brunch

02.16.2014: Sundays like this

Hello, dolls! 🙂 I am so happy it’s finally Monday!!!! <3 This could have been a perfect Sunday post, but yesterday was another busy work day so I was not able to finish it. I can’t believe that it is JULY 14 already! Where did time go?? The only good thing about time moving fast is the fact that I am only less than 50 days away from being with my family again. And as if coming home is not enough, God blessed us with another big surprise… amazing family trip is coming up and I CAN’T WAIT!


For my last full Sunday in Manila, I’ve decided to make our usual family day more exciting.

My sister and I woke up at 7AM in the morning to pull an amazing Sunday brunch for our family. Thank God for siblings who loves to learn new things!


What’s brunch without eggs benedict on the menu?

I made eggs florentine because my Dad and I loves spinach <3



Instead of muffin, we used brioche — cause I love buttery breads and brioche is my ultimate favorite!



Chicken hotdog, beef franks, ham…and BACON!

Cause for jejekid, brunch is not complete without bacon!


Serving prawns for brunch is not common but since we wanted to finish all the prawns that we had from Valentine’s day, we decided to add to the table 🙂


Flapjacks made from scratch.

My sister,who is a pancake lover,approved of this! So yes, I am happy!!!!


Home fries inspired by the Stavrides’

I’ve always loved having breakfast with A’s family. Mainly because of his Dad’s home fries. I am a sucker for potatoes and Mr. S does his home fries the best!


Fresh fruits —- mango, orange, and banana.


Our little pancake area. Made it extra exciting for my 3 pigs by putting different toppings on the table.

Here we have, hershey’s chocolate syrup , whipped cream hiding behind the hershey’s bottle,, TJ’s cookie butter, pancake syrup, Lily’s peanut butter (my all time fave!), and chocnut butter! YUMMMS


Happy Sunday!!!!!


My plate, sauteed spinach with poached eggs. #HealthyLiving


…and the perfect plate of the day! Jejekid’s <3



Later that week my Dad asked me to cook for my Aunts and Uncles for my send-off dinner.

We’ve decided to have roast beef with red wine sauce, paella, bruschetta, roasted tater tots and haricot verts, and everyone’s favorite, asian salad with sesame-lime dressing! 😉

I LOVE LOVE LOVE cooking for my family! <3


….and a little OOTD to end this entry! 😉


I don’t normally wear black during the day, it’s just a thing that I got used to because of my Dad.


As a kid, I remember my Dad telling us that wearing black during the day looks like  we are going to a funeral or something.


So when I do so, I always add a vibrant color to cut off that notion.


Peplum Top: Love Culture


I just had to….. haha


My sister’s galaxy skirt.



and killer heels from DAS! <3


R <3

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