04.21.2014: Will you marry me?

Hello, dolls!! ūüôā Today, I will be sharing something very special and personal. I’ve always had trouble opening up,and this blog has been my outlet for years now. I may not dig deep when I share something, but knowing that there is a place where I can pour my heart out is comforting for me. Before, this was just a place for me to vent and put my sadness into words. Now, as years went by, I’ve seen the beauty in life and I promised myself that I will try to inspire people through this blog by talking about all the amazing things that comes my way.

Who would have thought that I would be writing about something that every girl dreams of now? I must confess, I’ve always wanted to find my one true love before I turn 25. There’s something about growing old together and celebrating years and years and yeaaaars of love ¬†with the person you love, you know? Something that made me believe in¬†young love¬†(without being a hopeless romantic) and taking risks. I still can’t believe that IT HAPPENED! I met the love of my life and he is beyond AMAZING! Three years ago I was hopeless and broken, and I ran away….I decided to¬†clean¬†my life and do something that I wouldn’t do in a million years,¬†leave home.¬†

I flew 8,539 miles, with half my heart left in MNL. 8,539 miles to find myself again and create a better version of me. Until someone, unexpectedly came my way.YES… the time that I wasn’t even trying to find someone and the only time that I told myself that¬†I am not ready.¬†It’s crazy you know? How A found me, how he saw me at my ugliest and still looked at me. How I was so broken for being away from my family, and without even trying he fixed me. And how it just all happened, without me even knowing. It’s crazy….¬†crazy love.DSC_1295A


It happened. It’s official.


GORGEOUS!¬†A knows how to make me feel special…in every possible way.

Me: Why did you get this ring? 

Him: When I saw it I just said “thats’ her”. It was the most beautiful ring in the case.

There is something about a man who knows what to give his lady without even asking her.



A blog entry about A and I is not going to be complete without… FOOD!


For our 2nd anniversary, A made a reservation at¬†Water’s Edge, New York.¬†


I am a sucker for breathtaking views (aren’t we all?) and this was just the perfect place for our second anniversary….. and A’s proposal.


He really wanted a table outside, but it was still cold so outdoor dining was not ideal.


Now I can say..I never have to eat alone again.


Seared Island Razor Clams with piquillo peppers, toasted garlic bread, lemon, parsley, soffrito.

A’s appetizer was soooo good! Since we were so close to the water, we’ve decided to go for seafood dishes.



..except for one. My hand rolled gnocchi with speck ham, SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS, fava beans, taleggio cream, and truffle oil.

EVERYTHING THAT I LOVE! This was sooooo delicious!!! <3



Striped Bass with saffron risotto, chorizo, New Zealand green clams, and calamari. 

The risotto was everything I could ask for! It was sooooo delicious! I opted for my bass to be grilled since I LOVE grilled fish! ūüôā


A’s¬†Potato Crusted Floridian Snapper¬†with citrus fennel salad and celeriac remoulade.

Perfect for him! All I can say. haha



Before the night got even more special.



Oh hello New York!

Our view while having dinner!





We¬†tried¬†to take better pictures, but it was tooooo cold and our hands were just freezing that we weren’t able to play with the settings of the camera.


We were just taking pictures until……..




This isn’t the perfect picture to show how amazing that night was. But A gave me the perfect night! April 21 is forever ours now! <3



Champagne to end the night! <3


…and then there’s Facebook <3


Very overwhelmed with all the greetings from everyone!! <3 ūüôā

Almost 400 people acknowledged our engagement on Facebook. Thank you all!!! <3





A does not post a lot of stuff on Facebook that is not food related. But when he does, it’s always something sweet!


Chella Post


My 3 little pigs posted about our engagement and I couldn’t be happier!!!! <3

So YES… it happened. And YES, I am excited.

I found mine, and I am officially his.

YES, this is the cheesiest post that I’ve written since this blog started.

I love you, A. <3




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