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10.01.13: Hello, Hong Kong!!!!!

Hello, dolls! 🙂 It’s been a crazy-busy-AHMAHZING week again (but  believe me when I say, it’s the busiest week since I got here). So this is one is a gazillion months overdue, but you know me ,when something is extra amazing I like to keep it to myself until my desktop complains with the overflow. Anyway, this one very very VERY special because of many reasons.

It was our first time to travel overseas, it’s amazing how we were able to do a LOT of things together during our first year as a couple. We celebrated A’s birthday in Hong Kong, birthday week as they say! It was a dream come true for him, to try authentic Chinese cuisine and be at a place that he’s been dreaming of going to — the look on A’s face when I told him I have our tickets for Hong Kong was priceless. It was the perfect getaway after not seeing each other for 5 months. Aaaaaand now, it’s the best reminder of how amazing it feels to travel and be in a totally different place.

So yeaaap, I’ve decided to blog about this now cause I am tooooo excited about August and September! We will be traveling again!!! This time with my entire family!!! Yay <3


I don’t know what has gotten to me and  I brought leggings with me to the Philippines! So I just had to…. I had to wear leggings on our way to Hong Kong, it gets cold in the plane so it was the perfect excuse. Haha


 Hello, Hong Kong!!!!!



 Airplane food: I have to commend PAL for serving good meals on board. Not all airlines do this and this is one of the reasons why I always choose PAL.

Also, one good thing about traveling with A, we get to order both of the offered dishes! It’s nice to not have to wonder what the other dish tastes like, you know! #FattyProbs


I remember smiling from ear to ear when we landed. I can’t believe that I am in Hong Kong with the love of my life!!! 🙂


We were so tired when we got to the hotel. We wanted to go out and start our day right away but exhaustion hit us real hard so we decided to rest the entire afternoon and go out ofr dinner instead.

First stop: Tsim Tsa Tsui

We had no idea where to go when we left the hotel that night. We just started walking and saw this restaurant.

Gerry was like, “no english name? let’s go there!”



Pork Cheeks in Shanghai Noodle Soup

A’s first meal in Hong Kong! He inhaled this soup…. too him it was glorious!



My almond milk drink.

Cause Asians make the best non-alcoholic drinks! I love love love almond drinks and it’s a nice way to start our Hong Kong trip with a refreshing drink 🙂



Finally!!! authentic chicken feet for A!


My vegetable dumplings….SO GOOD!!!!!!!


Seafood and Yang Chow Fried Rice

I don’t know how A did it, but after finishing his bowl of pork cheeks he had this after!



What an amazing first night!!!! And we still don’t know the english name of this restaurant.


Good morning Hong Kong!!!!



We LOVE our very modern hotel!


We woke up extra early to make up for the things that we weren’t able to do when we arrived the day before. For our first morning in Hong Kong, we’ve decided to go out of the hotel and see what nearby restaurants we would see. We were ready to get lost and find something amazing…and this was what we’ve found King’s Bakery.



A took snaps of this lady setting up food ready to be sold for breakfast. They all looked delish but we had to limit ourselves cause we had a loooooong day ahead of us, meaning — 4-5 restaurants to visit!


I really wanted to get this, cause who doesn’t want to eat a rainbow? Haaaa

But yeah since I already have my hands full, I had to pass.


During our week long stay in Hong Kong, I got crazy with egg tart and chicken pie. I ate it everyday, sometimes twice!

King’s Bakery makes them really really good!! Almost as close as the amazing Tai Cheong — which I will be talking about in my next post! 😉 So lucky we found this little gem 🙂


We stayed in Dorsett Kwun Tong. We are so lucky because it’s a brand new hotel.


Everything’s modern and stylish. Perfect for young travelers like us. The location is in a nice area that A and I did not mind going home late. We decided not to stay in Tsim Tsa Tsui after we saw this hotel online, I couldn’t pass up not staying in a contemporary hotel like Dorsett Kwun Tong, you know?

They offer a lot of services for their guests, including an all day shuttle service to Tsim Tsa Tsui which makes it not so bad for us. A 20-25 minute ride is not bad at all.



Every corner is utilized properly. The desk overlooking a beautiful view.


I wish I took more pictures in the hotel, like the modish lobby and the beautiful bathroom that we had! If I were to go back to Hong Kong soon, I would love to stay here again! 🙂

More Hong Kong posts coming up!!!!


R <3

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