Hong Kong Diary: Island Food Adventures

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10.02.2013: Hop on Hop Off

Hello, dolls!! 🙂 Here is the last part of our second day in Hong Kong. This entry is perfect for foodies like A and I. We had a long list of restaurants that we wanted to visit prior to our Hong Kong trip so we made sure that we would try and visit at least 2 each day. A and I have traveled to different places during our first year together, though this was the first time we went to another country, we’ve made sure that our strategy will stay the same — keep our eyes open for beautiful things that we might see while on our way to the restaurant that we want to go to.

In case you haven’t read these yet, click now before you move forward 😉




We couldn’t wait to see what awaits us at the other side!! 🙂


Big Bus Tours played a huge part during our trip. I don;t think we would be able to go to all the places we’ve been to during the day without BBB. The first time we went on a tour with Big Bus Tours was in Philadelphia with my teacher. I remember reading on their brochure that they operate in different countries as well so I Googled it and voila…. they have BBB in Hong Kong! 🙂 Yay



So a month before our trip, we purchased tickets online. We got the 48 hour tour package which was very worth it! They covered all the places that we wanted to see so we did not have to worry about transportation plus the hotel shuttle that takes us close to the bus stop is such a huge help in giving us a stress free trip. Our package had perks too that made us love BBB even more —- ferry passes andtramway ride tickets (that we did not use just because).


Hong Kong attracts a lot of international tourists, so having this guided audible tour service on the bus is such a great way to learn about Hong Kong more.


We did not mind the scorching heat, to make our BBB experience more fun, we’ve decided to stay on the upper level of the double decker-bus.  Which was a great because were able to see a better view!



First stop on A’s list in the island, Yung Kee Restaurant.



A is suck a sucker for roasted duck hanging by their necks in the window. He thinks it’s a way of the restaurant telling him that they serve delicious and authentic Chinese food —- I still don’t know how I feel about that logic. haha




Yung Kee is an elegant looking restaurant, considering its location I wouldn’t think that something like this place exists there.



Roasted Goose and Soya Chicken

The reason why went to Yung Kee. These were equally amazing! A inhaled the goosed and I devoured the soya chicken. It was the perfect platter because I love soya chicken soooo much and A loves goose/duck just as much! 🙂

Simply tender and flavorful!!


Chicken and Wonton Noodle

We ordered very simple dishes that took us straight to heaven. There’s a saying in the Culinary industry that the simple dishes are sometimes that hardest to do. And I agree to that, I also believe that simple dishes served with love are the ones that we enjoy the most! Like this perfect bowl 🙂



One of my missions during our HK trip — eat as many amazing egg tarts as I can.


You know what they say about old restaurants? If managed well, the authenticity will live on. And that’s what Tai Cheong gave me, love in every bite!

Below are some of the mouth watering pastries that I saw in the store. Emphasis on the word some because there were really A LOT.



I love wife cakes! The flaky outside texture and pillowy inside gets me. If I can have a chicken pie, egg tart and wife cake everyday straight from China, I would do it!




Freshly baked mini pot pies. The death of me. I don’t know why but pot pies in Hong Kong were amazing! I love how you can just order it and eat it while walking and not worry about the sauce spilling all over you. It’s not drowning in sauce like the Western pot pies but it’s not dry either. YUMMMMMS


I considered bringing some of these home, cause my Mom loves white bread! But I was too afraid that they will get squished in my luggage so I told myself “I’ll just bring Mama here someday soon”.


My egg tart fix for the day. Can’t go on without my egg tart!!!!




Narrow hidden street. We are definitely in Hong Kong!



On top of my list, Lan Fong Yuen

Cause I LOVE milk tea! It took us a while to find this one. We had no idea of what it looks like so I was expecting a quaint stall in a building.


I have to say…it was the simplest and best milk tea I’ve had! I watched the lady do my milk tea closely, and she just whipped it out like she was just mixing water and sugar. I swear, after this one I did not even try to go to Cha Time or other franchise milk tea places in Hong Kong. It was lfe changing!!!!!




Oh…look what we’ve found! Pierre Hemme!!!!


A thinks this is ridiculously funny because of how huge the store is.


I mean… it really is big and every time we pass by we always wonder why the entire population of Hong Kong is in there lol


So we freshened up after our amazing day at the island.

This is us at the train station.


For our last food stop we went to one of my favorite food spot, Jordan St.

A was attracted to the  clay pot display so we chose this restaurant. I remember getting there before 9 and a lot of people were still coming in.

photo 1A

When in Hong Kong, you eat noodles!

Delicious stir fried instant noddles with beef. 

I don’t know how they do it in Hong Kong but aaaaah their noodle dishes are just out of this world! And I know I am pretty much exaggerating because I miss having good Chinese food  haha

photo 2A

A’s beef clay pot with egg and Chinese broccoli. 

It was a dream for A to eat a dish served in a clay pot, and I am so happy that I was in front of him looking at his happy face while devouring his meal.


Can’t end the day without my almond drink…. NOMSSS!!!! <3 I miss!


Wore this orange skirt that my brother Remo gave me. I like wearing dark colors at night, and I think black and orange hits the spot for a “late night diner in Hong Kong” outfit.

In total, A and I were able to visit 6 food spots for our second day.


R <3

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  1. Amazing food! I felt like I was on the trip with you. I’m so glad you wrote about your adventures. It’s something nice to go back and revisit during our time of isolation.

    1. Thank you so much!! <3 I am so happy I write about my adventures. I have a journal I can look back to in times like this <3

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