Hong Kong Diary: Repulse Bay

10.03.14: The “no idea” moments

Hello, dolls!!! 🙂 I can’t believe that I am VERY close to seeing my family again!! In less than a week I will be flying back to MNL (OMG!!) I can’t hide my excitement! My family and I planned so much for my homecoming and I must say, there will be a lot of plane rides for A and I for our upcoming 3 week vacation. It’s pretty similar to what happened last year when A came to the Philippines to visit me — a lot of cooking, eating, and traveling. Maybe I waited a little bit too long to post our Hong Kong trip, or maybe not. Its nice to look back and remember all the things that we did during our week long adventure at a place that he’s been wanting to visit since…ever. 


Hong Kong has always been a shopping trip for me until A and I went. We did so many different things that I wouldn’t normally put in my itinerary.


One of which is to take an hour and a half shuttle ride going to Repulse Bay and see a different side of Hong Kong..


Passed by this beautiful building at Central, Hong Kong


My morning routine. Tai Cheong pastries for breakfast!:)


Egg Yolk Pastry and Egg Tart —- so delish!!!! I missssss!


A and I saw this kebab stall at the pier. The aroma of the food smelled soooo divine that we couldn’t let ourselves move on to our trip without trying anything.



So we did, we ordered this Lamb Doner Roll that was soooooo gooood!!! YUMMMS!




Almost a year ago, 15 pounds heavier. LOL


Never thought I would see something beautiful like this during our trip to Hong Kong.


That’s the beauty of spontaneity, it touches a certain spot in your body that nothing else can do.


Going to Repulse Bay was not part of our itinerary, we decided to go after seeing it on the list from Big Bus Tours.




Stanley Market


Here you can find traditional Hong Kong items. Such as good quality chopsticks, tea sets, fabrics and beautiful scarves. 

A braved the sun and went to the farther part of the island and took pictures, it was super hot for me that I had stay under the shade.


So much love for my travel buddy <3


We saw a lot of restaurants that we would love to go to, but since we already had plans for lunch, we’ve decided to save it for “next time”.

We will see you again, Stanley!


Back at the island. in line to get an order of eggettes/egg waffles/egg pancakes.




Here we go…..I can’t wait!


Some call this eggettes, egg waffles or egg pancakes but I call it LOVE <3

What a perfect way to be welcome by the island from our amazing trip at Stanley/Repulse Bay.



For my outfit, I decided to go for a light dress with accents of black. I wore this dress from Forever21 that I love because of the flowy feel, perfect for a sunny day! 😉





And as you can see above, A and I tried to compliment each other’s outfit again.. Lol

We do not try to do that crazy-yucky-matchy couple outfit but it’s nice to see pictures of us in beautiful place and have our outfits look good together.


R <3

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  1. Glad you had a great time in Hong Kong! People always seem to think that it’s just a city with skyscrapers but there’s so much more to it than meets the eye! 😀

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