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10.03.2013: I’m getting used to this

Hello, dolls!!! 🙂 So I thought of posting an entry before I leave for MNL, cause I know I will be taking tons of pictures back home — OMG I can’t wait to be with my family again I can’t hide my excitement!!!! Here’s the second part of our 3rd day in Hong Kong,another food adventure entry that makes me miss Hong Kong — and more excited about our upcoming trip! I know this is almost a year late, but it still feels like it was only yesterday when A and I discovered a lot of amazing food spots in Hong Kong.

And in case you haven’t read these entries yet, click the links below to have a glimpse of how our first 3 days in HK went. 




After our Stanley/Repulse Bay short trip, we went to Central,Hong Kong to go to one of the restaurants on our list.

It doesn’t have an English name and we only had the address, so no “name dropping” as they say.


But to have an idea of what this restaurant is like, here’s one of the things that A got…… a roasted pigeon.


How To Eat A Pigeon 101 with A

Most of the time during our trip, I was laughing staring at A while he was eating cause he never fails to make me wonder how he is able to eat SOOOOO much in a day and not gain weight, or just get through without throwing up or being in a food coma.


Sizzling Short Ribs

I wasn’t feeling too hungry when we got to this restaurant. I was only half way done with my egg waffles when we got there so I let A order the 2 dishes that we can try. And of course, no surprise, he got something served on a clay pot.

This was very delicious and tender –just the right amount of sweetness. I love how flavorful it is without even trying hard — it was amazing!



A gets excited when he sees stuff like this.


…and of course! Can’t let a day go by without my almond milk! NOMS


Night Market

One of the reasons why I love Hong Kong, nights are not boring and sad! Hong Kong doesn’t sleep!!!



To A, this is attractive


One of the places that I love to go to at night for late dinner….


One can never go wrong with clams in black bean sauce


I grew up having Mantis Shrimp once in a while for dinner. I think it’s delicious and juicy! So I was very happy to eat one of my favorites with A.


And of course, we can’t end the day without having noodles!

Noodles in Hong Kong, no matter what’s in it is always going to be AMAZING!


Mango Shake with Yakult from across the street and A’s Tsingtao Beer


So happy I brought A to one of my favorite restaurants in Hong Kong!!!!!


….and to end our amazing third day <3



So before I move on to another entry in a few days, I would like to share how gorgeous our hotel was.

I talked about how modern and perfect it was for youngsters like us, so here’s a glimpse of some of their facilities.


One hot afternoon, A and I had an hour to spare, so we’ve decided to go 2 floors down and spend some time at the pool area.


We loved everything about it! How it overlooks the buildings and how nice the outdoor chairs are. If we had more time….



…I would have loved for us to go to their gym!!!

To burn all the amazing food that we had and make room for more! haha




R <3

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