Life in Baltimore

Hello, dolls!!:) I can’t believe that I am back in MNL!! Aaaah it still feels surreal that I am in my pink room now blogging!! 🙂 The past 2 days has been lovely and I am so grateful for warmth welcome that I received from everyone especially my family. It is so nice to wake up in the morning and have breakfast with my parents again, have my sister as a roommate, and just be in the presence of my family — it almost feels like I never left.

It’s a blessing to have 2 places that I can call home. Last year, I thought I couldn’t let go of the idea of not calling Manila my only home, I felt like if I do so I will spend my life fighting time just to be with my family or it will make my chances of going home slim — and yes, I do not take family matters lightly. But with the help of A, his family, and our friends, I realized that I do not have to let go of MNL just so I can call Baltimore my home too. Some people, like me, are just fortunate to be blessed with an amazing life at the other side of the world, miles and miles away from home..

I know I have not posted enough “B-more updates” since February. Not enough cause there is a handful of amazing things that happened since I returned to my second home. So here is one,some of the things that helped/helps me love Baltimore everyday.


What I have on my vanity.

Family picture, a photo of my Dad and I when I was only n months old, cute little bear from my jeje-brother, the heart pen that my sister gave me…


…personalized key chain from my brother Remo,and an Eiffel tower stand up pin from my sissy. <3

Having these on my vanity makes me feel like they are not too far away from me. It reminds me of how blessed I am to have a family that is so understanding and supportive.


Filipino Breakfast with A.

Every week, I look froward to our apartment breakfast and lunch dates. We spend most of our time at work that eating with him feels like Valentine’s day.


Homemade chicken tocino. 

They only sell pork tocino in the Asian supermarkets here and it frustrates me. I love tocino but I do not like the fat and the guilty pleasures that comes with it.

Sliced tomatoes, egg and garlic fried rice to make our Filipino breakfast complete.


A and I owns a good amount of amazing cookbooks (and hopefully one day I can feature them here). Anyway, we like to cook something from one of the books once in a while and discover new techniques along the way.

So one day, I told A I will make har gow for us, one of my ultimate faves! 🙂



My har gow (shrimp dumplings)

I can’t believe that one of my favorite dim sum is very easy to make! I did the dough from scratch ,using the ingredients above and formed it the traditional way.

I used A’s cleaver to flatten it which was pretty cool. It was my first time so it wasn’t as round as I hope it would be. Hence, the broken looking pleats on some of the dumplings.

Buuuut, I am a little proud of myself. For doing something delicious, something that I would order in a Chinese restaurant. I had the flavors right, now all I need to do is to practice with my pleats! 🙂


A’s pancit canton

A loves pancit! And it makes me happy that he loves Filipino food. We can eat anything together and knowing that he likes the dishes from my home country makes me feel that I am really blessed to be with him.

Geez, I can just imagine how painful it would be if I am with someone who only eats burger and fries. Haha


My little plate of happiness 🙂

DSC_0645A DSC_0647A

Cute small bowls from one of the girls that helps me get through life in Baltimore.

Frances’ present for our housewarming party. Too perfect, so me!!!!! <3




I like to make bread pudding when we have a lot of bread that I do not want to go bad.

We always get bread from Lovely, who works at The Breadery and boy do they make delicious bread with all natural ingredients! 🙂



Say hello to my apple and raisin bread pudding 🙂


Mmmmm.yummms!! <3


Beauty finds of the week!! 🙂


A must when we go to Costco, yogurt!!! 🙂


Filipino feast awaits after bible study 🙂


Care package from the family. HAPPINESS!!!!!


Driving 101 with my man 🙂


New found love! 🙂


Special delivery for A from me 😛


Nicole visited Baltimore before she went back to the Philippines. And I am so happy that I got to see her again!! 🙂


Late night Pitango fix 🙂 HEAVEN!!!!!



Yay to seeing Nicole again and meeting a new friend 🙂

You can tell that this is long overdue because of our outfits :))))


R <3

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