Spring Time Dinners


Hello,dolls! Hello, Manila!! 🙂 A is finally here in MNL and we are both here again, with my family, having the time of our lives. I find Manila extra amazing when A is here, I’ve lived here for 23 years and I’ve never appreciated my home country like this until A came in the picture. I now think that  every place that we go to or see has something exceptional in it, who would have thought I would discover something new here after 23 years?

It has kept me wondering though, will we ever say “we miss Baltimore” while we are here? At least for A, I wonder.


So here’s a post that took place in Baltimore, our second home.


New Toy: Tagliatelle Cutter

Pasta is our to go food for dinner. We always find ourselves making fresh pasta during our day off. When Roger came for dinner one time, we’ve decided to make fresh pasta with him. YUMMS



Tagliatelle in the making


Shrimp Stock for our Tomato Sauce


Full stove, happy home.


Calamari with lemon, capers, herbs and chilies for our appetizer.

A cooked this to perfection, it was so tender. Anything with lemon,herbs and chilies, is delightful for me! 🙂



Gotta have ’em greens


Seasoning of choice for that night.


Table for 6 please.



A and I loves our pasta with arugula.

I swear you have to try it, the nuttiness and texture that the arugula gives in every bite is exceptional! 🙂


Frutti De Mare 

I am lucky cause I am with the person makes delicious pasta. A makes it hard for me to stay away from pasta during my “no-carb” days. His pasta sauces are to die for — whether it’s tomato, cream, or oil based. DSC_0039A

Braised Escarole with Bacon

This is happiness. I love it when A makes sure that we have something healthy on the table for me. Though this one is not entirely healthy because of the bacon.


Homemade raspberry and pecan frozen yogurt


Amazing finds of the day <3


Our to go bookshop. We love Barnes and Noble, but there is something about going to a bookshop and not knowing what you are looking for until you see that perfect book in the corner shelf.


I unpacked a package from home with lovely clothes from ClothingRackMNL! Aaah so haaaapy <3

Follow them on Instagram: ClothingRackMNL


A and I loves to dine out too, mainly because we like trying new flavors to inspire us for the next dish that we are going to cook.


A loves Chinese food, and Chinese food loves him.

We’ve never been to Jesse Wong’s together, which is crazy cause we are only 5-8 minutes away from Hunt Valley.

There aren’t a lot of nice looking Chinese Restaurants in Cockeysville like Jesse Wong’s,and unfortunately they just closed down recently. Not that it’ll affect us cause we have a good number of Chinese take-outs close to the apartment.


For A’s starter, Tom Yum Soup. 

No noodles, just a flavorful broth with seafood. It was good, but it could be better.



Vietnamese Spring Roll Salad

I really enjoyed this one.Asde from the vibrant colors, I loved the crunchy texture and citrus-Asian flavor that it gave in every bite.



Shrimp Dumplings

Read my previous post? My pleats are not as nice but the taste was almost the same. 3 pcs for $8, when I made it we had enough for 5 people and I only spent $15.


Spicy Tuna Roll

I love sushi! I love sushi! I LOVE SUSHI! I remember a couple of weeks ago, A had to endure my sushi craving and brought me to a Japanese restaurant, Sushi buffet, and another Japanese restaurant all just in 3 days. Spicy Tuna Roll is my current fave 🙂


Vegetarian General Tso’s

Made with soybean protein. A gave me a weird look when I ordered this but I actually enjoy soybean protein. It’s less meaty but it’s still delish.


Braised Duck with Chinese Broccolli

A will never miss an opportunity to order duck. Having duck as a Chinese dish is heaven to him.



Sometimes A gets creative and tries to take pictures like this. He likes capturing the sunlight.




Memorial Day Outfit

Red X Blue


A got shocked when I told him that it took me 3 years to wear this skirt.

Well, some clothes needs more time in the closet for that perfect moment.


Oh how I miss my long hair…





R <3

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