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10.04.2013: We take eating srsly.

Hello,dolls!!! 🙂 I know it’s been a while since my last entry, but life has been extremely amazing that I had to put off blogging for a while. The upside of me being too busy is that there will be tons of entries for me to work on and post here (in hopes that I will be able to bring back my “rhythm” and blog regularly). I think posting an entry about my adventure with A in Hong Kong is very timely now, cause we just came back from Bangkok. I originally wanted to work on this before our trip (you know to give more light to my reason of why this is timely). But, being home is too amazing (and overwhelming) that blogging was out of the context for my first 10 days back.

Before I move on, here are my previous entries about my Hong Kong vacation with A…


For our 4th day in Hong Kong, A and I decided to “take it to the streets”. 

We tried most of the street food that we saw and I think we did pretty good. You be the judge as we move forward 😉


But of course, we still visited a couple of restaurants to make our day even better… or maybe we just love having a feast even when it’s just the 2 of us. haha


Spicy Pork Noodle Soup

The restaurant was packed when we walking in,so A and I thought that we would have to wait but the server lead us to a table with 4 other people. A and I looked at each other and thought “this is some kind of experience”. I was rubbing elbows with a lady who was staring at A…she must have thought, “what is an American doing in this small busy shop?”

Well….spicy pork noodle soup woman. NOODLES!


My spicy beef noddle soup

I don’t eat meat that much but beef noodle soup is an exception. Especially when it’s served with a nice green vegetable like Chinese broccoli. YUMMS


This is not a street food, but can you imagine how happy I was when we hopped off the train from Mongkok??

Seeing a French pastry shop selling macarons in a train shop is such a breather! Yay to macarons! <3


We only tried 2 flavors, cause we have a full day ahead of us and we do not want to feel dull because of sugar,

A chose the yuzu flavor, and I got the pistachio. 

Okay, I always order pistachio when I see it cause, one – I love pistachio, and 2- I’m on a mission of finding my “pistachio macaron fix” even if it’ll take a thousand miles to have it.


Speaking of mission…

One of my  missions in life, visit local supermarkets all over the world. Using the word the “world” sounds so big but I’ve already went to a couple and here is one.

Marketplace in one of the malls at Hong Kong.

Pocky anyone?


The reason for that is I want to see what is available for the locals,and what they eat — whether its a snack, fresh produce or a drink.


This was how we began our street food fiesta.

By stopping by at this lady’s stall, cause she looked legit. haha


First thing we tried Curryfishballs

They cook their fishballs differently. Here in Manila we fry it with all the bad stuff that can ruin your diet resulting to a crispy texture.In Hong Kong, they cook it in a broth so the outcome is tender and moist.

A loved the fact it’s curry, this man will eat anything curry I tell you.


Street food buffet,anyone?

Here are a couple of things that looked interesting but we didn’t try.


Pig Ears…and probably pork belly cut into cubes…or maybe the fat part of a pig’s ears

We didn’t try cause I like mine grilled, and well… A was already happy with this fishballs.


Pork Intestine

Isaw isaw…I will eat pork intestine, as long as its grilled! Not chewy and a bit slimy looking like this haha



Uhhhhm, we will go back after a few years and maybe we will have the guts to try this.


A few stalls down we saw a guy selling roasted honey chicken. The leg was pretty big, which was awesome cause it was enough for A and I to munch on, on our way to the MTR. This was really good, just the right amount of sweetness and still juicy!! Yummms




But of course I had rhe eggettes. Cause when in Hong Kong, you eggette! 😛


I just had to… I had to stop! Takoyaki is a favorite of my siblings and I. It’s such a shame cause A does not like it that much 😐




They also sell custard cakes!! I tried the original flavor, with sweet egg yolk filling which was good! 🙂


YUMMY takoyaki! A was already put off by the amount of Nori, so I basically had to force him to finish one. Hahaha


We love Jordan Street! <3

As I’ve mentioned before, Jordan St. is one of the places that I love to go to for dinner. The selection of seafood restaurants serving amazing and simple Chinese dishes does not fail to make me hungry even when it’s almost midnight already!


Razor Clams in black bean sauce

I was very happy for A, cause he got to try food that made him love Asian food even more.



Not for me… not for me.


Hong Kong Style Noodles

Can’t have dinner without our HK style noddles!!!


Fried Squid

Fried to perfection. Te batter was so good I could not resist eating fried food!!!


And of course, stir fried kang kong! A must for a long day of eating 😉


It’s been 4 days and we felt like our feet were slowly hating us so we’ve decided to go to a massage place.

Most looked shady, like you will get an extra service after an hour so it took us a while to get our massage.

A’s first massage as he said was really good! He felt ticklish at first but after a while he loved it! Especially after being all over Hong Kong in just 4 days 😉




It was the perfect day to wear a maxi dress. I love wearing maxis cause its comfortable and I do not have to accessorize that much if I want to go for a causal look like this one.


I am very maarte about my skin (I used the word maarte cause I freak out over the tiniest things about my skin). And this is a good way to save my legs from the sun. I only had my back and my arms to worry about that day! haha


For my “I can walk in heels” moment, I wore my black booties.

I had it in MNL for months already and I wanted to used them so I’ve decided to bring them with me in Hong Kong.


…and of course, my sandals was there to the rescue when my feet started hurting. Haha

Dress: Charlotte Russe


R <3

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