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09.14.14: Only beautiful memories

Psalm 30:5  “For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime; weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.”. When I was a kid I used to think that once I am in my 20s I would be strong enough to handle losing a loved one. I was so scared to experience loss that I even said “just let me be 20 first before it happens”. Who was I kidding? I don’t think anyone can be strong enough to lose someone. It’s the worst kind of pain. For the past few days, I’ve mustered up the “art of drifting away”. I drift away from the sad side of my situation now and shift to the brighter side of life —- I move on every time pain pulls me back.It’s hard…. It’s hard to be away from my family during this time. All I can think about is how I wish I stayed longer, or I was ever a good granddaughter, did I ever tell him he is one of the reasons why I love to cook?

This is the most recent that I can get…as of now.


Our last Sunday back in MNL —- the best Sunday of the year.

We took Lolo and my family to M Cafe for Sunday brunch. I do not want this to be a doleful entry, and I want to remember Lolo with only happy memories and what better way to do it but to talk about food.


M cafe is one of my favorite brunch places in Manila. It was my second time to go,there were a few changes from the first time I went but I must say, it was a good change.

Aside from the buffet, guests can now enjoy 1 dish from their brunch menu. They all looked delish so I had to team up with my siblings and A to order the dishes that I would like to try

This is M Cafe’s beef tapa. I don’t know what it is with upscale restaurants in Manila but they make their tapa sweet. Not that it’s bad, but we prefer our tapa beefy,garlicy,and a bit sweet.

A’s Seafood Pasta with Cilantro Pesto


We were so happy with the generous amount of seafood on A’s dish. I’ve had  bad experiences from restaurants in Manila because of their small portion size especially with seafood dishes but M cafe made us really satisfied.


My sister’s Crispy Pork Belly Chips


My brother ordered Tandoori Chicken for my Mom. Honestly it was good, very tender and flavorful. I think my family was already feeling full when our dishes came so we were not able to finish most of them. YIKES!


I got the M Cafe Benedict. 

Eggs Ben is brunch, and brunch is eggs….poached eggs for that matter…or anything creamy with eggs!


I think eggs benedict took brunch to another level, people are now into brunch cause they can have facny eggs with their mimosas.


I like how they serve it with arugula and fresh fruit on the side. It makes me feel not guilty after.

This was really good! My poached eggs were cooked perfectly but I kind of wished that the bread was not too big.


My brother got M Cafe’s Char-Grilles U.S. Burger with tomato jam

Believe me when I say, my family loves hamburger!!! We all enjoyed the fries, it was very very crispy! The burger on the other hand was juicy and I liked the smokey flavor, my brother said he prefers our burger! Haha I can’t attest to that because I can see how much they love it when we have “burger night” at home 😉


I also like how they serve it with tomato jam! A nice take instead of the usual BLT 😉


We asked Lolo if it’s okay to use his “dish” for M cAfe’s Asian Noodle Soup

I mean we can’t leave without having another noodle dish, right?:)


They served it with 3 pieces of pork and vegetable dumplings,which was really good!

Geez their servings are big!


I am a sucker for plates. We eat with our eyes as well so when you serve me something that looks amazing,expect me to gush over it!


Their noodle soup was reallllly good! It had a generous amount of mushrooms (which I super loved) and the broth was thin,flavorful, and exceptional! 😉


My Dad LOVES oysters. He had about 40 oysters that morning and I kind of felt bad for the person who shucks they oysters in M Cafe cause I know how hard it is to do so. But yeah, I had a couple and I must say seafood in Asia is really the best!


The Executive Chef of M cafe must have seen my Dad go back to the raw bar a hundred times so he sent us 2 plates of baked oysters straight from his kitchen! 🙂


I really love their plates!!!! Next goal is to find this set!! 🙂


The staff sent Lolo a slice of their Ube Tres Leches cake for his birthday. Of course my brother played with it and put 2 grapes on top with the candle but yeah I love anything ube so this was heaven for me! 😉


They sent him another slice cause Lolo can’t have too much sugar. This is M Cafe’s sugar free tiramisu which we all enjoyed! 🙂


Miss my not so little piglet sooo much!!!


Sisters? HA! :)))))


If there is one thing that I am really grateful for during our recent trip back home, it is when A finally met Lolo. He liked A just as much as I liked him the first time he asked me on a date. Lolo adored A and he told my Dad about it which meant the whole world to me.


My handsome brothaaaa. Sorry I just had to. :)))


Important men in my life.

I love you, Lolo.


R <3

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