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05.05.14: HOLA

Hello, dolls!! Hello, OCTOBER! Wow,where did September go??? Everytime I blog I get reminded of how time is moving so fast, or am I just getting older so I feel that way?I know I have never been so good about updating this blog, and I say it all the time that it almost feels like I am being scolded by my Chinese teacher back in high school for reading an English book in class (okay, I am probably not making any sense now). No more one year old entries, unless it’s a major TBT that I’ve been holding onto. Since it’s the beginning of October, and we only have 92 days until we say hello to a new year, I want to work on as many entries that I can and read about this year with a big smile on my face.


I love Mexican food, and I keep on thinking when I started loving it. Growing up in Manila, we did not have a lot of Mexican restaurants until late 2000, but  nachos and tacos are favorite snacks in the Philippines, no remarkable places that serve burritos or chmichangas. I used to go to Taco Bell when I was a kid and when I lived in Cebu for a couple of months, going to this Mexican place 15 minutes away from my apartment was the best treat that I can give myself every week.


I always get excited about Cinco De Mayo, I embrace the celebration like I’m a Mexican! The thought of having Mexcian food all day is heaven to me. Lucky for me, A gave me a good Cinco De Mayo by letting me eat Mexican food all day! 😉


For lunch, we went to Loco Hombre. It is not the best Mexican restaurant we’ve been to, and I am going to say it upfront now, I don’t think we are coming back.

It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t remarkable either.


For Starters, I ordered the Loco Nachos.

What better way to start Cinco De Mayo, right?


This was good! Presentation,taste, and the amount of food that we have on this big plate gave us high expectations about our upcoming dishes.



We got little trinkets for dining with them during Cinco De Mayo.


A’s Steak Enchilada 

This was the biggest disappointment. The rice was very bland despite of it’s appetizing color. The steak was pretty tough that A couldn’t even finish one enchilada. The sauce was okay, but the entire dish put the name enchilada to shame.


I got the Shrimp Tacos in a Puffy Cabo Style Tortilla

Mine was okay, but I thought that the shrimp could be better if they marinated it – it had that frozen taste, not that I super attest to frozen shrimp…but yeah. I enjoyed the refried beans and did not care for the rice on my plate.


Not so spicy hot sauce


A pound of European chocolates that we got from the International Market – not Mexican related but blog worthy I gotta say! haha


For dinner, we went to R&R Tacqueria. We are lucky that it was a Monday so we were both of  and was able to spend time with the family.

Since R&R does not serve alcohol, we brought our own. Look at these cute cans of bud light margaritas.What’s cinco de mayo without margarita? 😛


SopesDe Pollo

A circle of fried corn masa topped with refried beans, cheese, lettice, avocado and sour cream.


Fish Tacos


Tacos Al Pastor

Pork tacos with a slice of pineapple



Pork, hamony, and chilis.



Lengua (Beef Tongue)  and Buche (Pork Belly) Tacos

We also wanted to try the cabeza (head), lamb, and cueritos (fried pork rinds) but they got sold out early.


Tacos Enchilados De Pollo

OMG I am so happy with what I got. This was the perfect dish for me for Cinco De Mayo.


This is the perfect place to go to for Cinco De Mayo. We wanted real Mexican food and we got it. No rowdy crowd, just the real deal.

And did I mention Guy Fiery featured this place on his show? #BaltimorePride y’all! 🙂

Obviously everything that we got were perfect that side comments were not necessary.



First week of May happy loot.


I wore this scarf to be a little festive just like what the day is all about. I had mixed emotions when I pulled this out of my closet — IT SMELLED LIKE HOME! I had to stop and let myself be emotional about it cause it freakin’ smells like HOME! And best of all, it was given to me by jejekid, the funniest and craziest brother EVAAAH! After smelling the scarf, it made me realize that it will go perfectly with the dress that my brother Remo gave me. 2 things for my brothers to make me feel that they are not too far away from me 🙂


R <3

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