Hong Kong Diary: Best Macarons in Hong Kong (Laduree, Jean-Paul Hevin, TWG)

10.05.13: Good Morning, Birthday Boy 🙂

Hello, dolls! 🙂 3 years ago, October to me was just the month before my birthday, or my Mom’s birthday month,but since her birthday falls on the first week of October, I deliberately forget the month’s essence right after.. HA. Tomorrow is A’s birthday, and before I get anxious about my birthday surprise for him, I will share with you snippets from his birthday last year. I don’t know how I will be able to top his food adventure filled celebration in Hong Kong but thank heavens for giving me 3 days to give him a memorable one this year. Hint: we will be away from Baltimore again!!! (yay!)


Good Morning, Hong Kong! Good Morning, Birthday Boy!!! <3

Can I wake up in Asia again? Soon?


First Stop for A’s Birthday: Harbour City

This mall is too gorgeous for words! All the good stores (and when I say good, I mean high-end designer brands) are here…but since our Hong Kong trip was all about food, I had to stop myself from dragging A to stores that will take our time from visiting restaurants.Don’t worry, he gave me all the time in the world during our recent trip to Bangkok! 🙂


The main reason why we went to Harbour City, Laduree.




I couldn’t hide my excitement!!!! Laduree macarons!!!!!!!!


I was very close to getting a box of Laduree macarons to take home but A reminded me that we still have a lot of places to go to for the day and one more place to go to for macarons… he also mentioned the drastic suitcase situation that we had in Hong Kong 😐


Flavors of Choice: Pistache x Cassis Violette 

And uhhhh the macarons were more than we could ask for! It was beyond perfect!!!!


We also tried their milk chocolate


A also told me that I shouldn’t feel bad about not taking home a box. We have Laduree in New York!! 🙂


He must have sensed that it will just go to waste when we get back to Manila.We had a couple of afternoon tea slash macaron dates, meaning, I will painfully neglect the box of Laduree macarons if ever I bought some.


Yes! 🙂


Not too long after our Laduree visit, A proved to me that it was right to not get a box! Less than 5 minutes after we walked out we stopped by Jean-Paul Hevin.


We tried the dark chocolate and grapefruit macarons which were just as delightful as Laduree’s! 🙂


Harbour City is right at the pier so we’ve decided to walk around


90210 feels


Avenue of the Stars was not really on our priority list but since we were around the area, we’ve decided to go

It was too hot that morning and there were a lot of people so we did not really enjoy it ,maybe the next time we go it wouldn’t be as bad.But yeah after seeing th statue of Bruce Lee we hopped on the ferry and went to A’s birthday lunch destination! 😉

Finding this place was not easy. All we had was an address and up until now we have no idea of the name of this restaurant,times that I wish I listened to my Chinese teacher and studied the language more. Anyway,we took the ferry, rode the train, and walked countless blocks to get here! Midway of our journey I was complaining to A about how hot it was and how my feet hurt! I felt a bit hopeless when I only saw one bus and no cabs, only bicycles and private vehicles that looked like they came from the city. It was an old area, most businesses sold traditional items. To make things more interesting, the address will direct you to a different restaurant, but they must have known that foodies go to this place so when they saw us reading the articles posted on their door (and said, “this is not the place”) a man directed us to the hidden street where this restaurant is.


After a long hour walk I gave in to A’s HK iced tea addiction, I needed something refreshing, their iced tea lemon was the perfect thing to save me from the heat! 😉


Our meals came with a free soup. A loved how they served it with a bone! We both agreed that it’s simpliest and tastiest soup that we’ve had in Hong Kong. No noodles, meat, or vegetables, just plain broth (with a bone).


Stir Fried Grouper in Rice Wine Sauce

A loves grouper and what’s better to way to have grouper for his birthday? CHINESE style! 😉


Steamed Chicken with Ginger and Mushroom

I got this because it has everything that I love, and it was perfect! Chicken was very tender and the sauce….I can’t even begin to explain how each flavor blended impeccably.

For $10 (yes, USD!) our lunch was beyond worth it! There were a couple of 70 yr olds and locals in the restaurant and they looked at us like we just came from a fashion show. It was the birthday lunch for Gerry and I couldn’t be any happier 🙂


I saw an old man selling candies on our way to the train station.I got my Dad a bag of White Rabbit ,a delish milk flavored candy.


One of the things that Gerry and I loves to do when we visit a city or another country is to go to a kitchen store and buy something for our kitchen or dining room


This is the best place to go to for Chinese traditional kitchen items. If it weren’t for our dinner reservation, we would’ve spent more time here.


If oly we had enough room to bring home a chopping block! 😐



We bought a claypot, baking stuff and a cleaver. We were in heaven! 🙂


Introduced a family favorite to A! 🙂


Coconut shake…. ughhh I’d dp anything to have good coconut shake right now (but it’s too cold to have a shake)



I have OCD so seeing things like this make me smile


Last sweet stop for the day: Agnes B.

I can’t not go home without trying these elegant looking chocolates 🙂


We tried the hazelnut and red wine chocolates, and as expected both were out of this world!


Stopped at TWG and one of my favorite Chinese cookie shops 🙂 Goodies to take home! yay


a was so happy to see Walkers chips in Hong Kong. It’s so hard to find here in the US! It’s from the UK and Ireland and had it when he was there.

I loved the cheese and onion specifically.


I love wearing red when someone close to my heart is celebrating their birthday 😉


Today is my love’s birthday!!! <3

Happy Birthday, A!!!! <3



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