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10.05.13: 26 and happy

Hello, sweets! 🙂 Here’s the continuation of A’s amazing birthday week in Hong Kong last year (in case you haven’t read the first part yet, here it is ) We had so much fun lat night for A’s birthday dinner this year, I can’t wait to post tidbits about it on Instagram and hopefully share it here on my blog SOON! We are still away from reality (Baltimore) and we’ve decided to stay a little longer here cause we can’t go back to our apt. life-work cycle yet. Anywayyyy, for A’s birthday dinner last year, we did not plan anything, we just wanted to go out and have a nice dinner in a beautiful place. I am a fan of Shangri-La so I suggested that we go there, which was very last minutes — and it did not disappoint, as expected 😉

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They have 2 Shangri-La Hotels in Hong Kong, but we chose Island Shangri-La because we thought we are always at Tsim Tsa Tsui.


With my love <3


Look at this beautiful gigantic chandelier. Shangri-La hotels exude elegance, the perfect place to spend A’s 26th birthday 🙂


The restaurant was full when we got there so we had to wait for a couple of minutes to be seated.




Which was okay cause we had time to hangout at the lobby lounge. Good move because their lobby is gorgeous!

They have classic mojito on their cocktail menu but I love strawberry mojito so I requested for that. Gerry had a very refreshing Tom Collins which ignited his love for the said drink.


Fact: I always feel like I am also celebrating my birthday when we go out for dinner. Seeing A happy brings joy to my heart, that happy birthday feeling! 😉



 We went to Cafe Too for the dinner buffet. We can’t leave a country without going to a buffet, it’s a must! Haha

These are some of the stations that we enjoyed…


Roast Beef Station

We had a nice cut of medium rare roast beef! The meat was cooked perfectly and the red wine sauce was very good.




Make your own noodle bowl station


I made A pick all the ingredients that will go in our bowl. He did great cause he got everything that I love — which was easy for him cause we eat anything! haha


Dimsum ; Asian Food in Woks ; Sushi ; and Raw Bar

Our favorite stations! A was on cloud 9!!!! 🙂


Garde Manger

I love cold cuts and buffets that make an effort into making salads look appetizing for everyone.


A’s seafood plate #1

This is his “let-me-try-if-they-have-good-seafood” plate. And they do! They serve fresh seafood which makes every penny worth it!! 🙂


A went back to the raw bar 3 times, by the third time I was already thinking to myself “wow this guy is having the time of his life”. I mean, look at those lobsters! 😉


1/3 sugar land




What I got. I take desserts seriously.


Happy Tummy = Happy Me


I told our server we are celebrating A’s birthday and asked for a piece of cake with a candle. I can’t let A’s birthday pass without him making a wish and blowing a candle! 😉


 A at 26!


After being in HK for 5 nights, we finally finished this! We limit ourselves to a glass per night cause we do not want to feel too tired the day after.




I decided to wear this gorgeous dress cause we celebrated a lot of things that night aside from A’s birthday. Our first overseas trip together, A’s first time in Asia, us surviving LDR.


I wish I have this in my bathroom now, I would spend more time getting ready…but then I think A wouldn’t like that. haha


Love the low back…and of course the sparkly details 🙂


 I can’t wear to wear this dress again! I can’t believe it’s been more than a year since I last wore it. I love how sophisticated and elegant it looks 🙂


R <3



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