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05.12.14: Mother’s Day x Day of A Mother

Hello, sweets! 🙂 Hello, NJ! I have an extended “weekend” this week and I couldn’t be any happier that I spent it with great friends and my family here in Baltimore. I am blogging from New Jersey again YAY! I think it’s perfect that I write something about New Jersey and how we usually spend our “weekends” here. I am blessed that A’s family never made me feel like I am an outsider, they’ve welcomed me with love and opened their 2 homes to me when A and I started dating. I still remember the first time we took a trip to New Jersey, I did not want to go back to Baltimore. Going to New Jersey is our little piece of vacation in the middle of our crazy work life.


I love how  the house in NJ makes me feel like I am not too away from home.

Anyway, I will be sharing one of the celebrations that we looked forward to this year


I enjoy baking, it’s my little break from what I normally do.I graduated with a degree in Culinary, so I have no formal training when it comes to baking though our patisserie and bread baking class helped me understand it. And at work, I am assigned on the hot station. That’s why baking excites me, especially that I am a big lover of desserts.

When I got back from my home country a couple of months ago, one of A’s surprises for me is Momofuku Milk Bar’s Cookbook! It made me so happy because now I can make some of their cookies at home.


Since it’s Mrs. S birthday, I’ve decided to bake MMB’s confetti cookies.


I am such a cookie dough freak. I think it’s the best part of baking. I can eat up to 3 tbsps per recipe of whatever I am doing! haha


The oven in my apartment is not the friendliest of all. I honestly think it isn’t calibrated so I had to watch my cookies carefully. This is a bit golden than the cookies at Milk Bar so I had to pull out the second batch sooner.


…and I finally got it!

I think it’s pretty natural for Chefs to be pretty hard on their selves when they do something. And for me, when I know I am following a recipe from a cookbook, I want it to come out like the author’s creation.



The recipe was able to make a lot! And when I say a lot, good for 30 people in my case because after making 5 Milk Bar sizes, I decided to bake the rest into a smaller size.



This was the first recipe that I made from the cookbook, and I am so happy how it turned out! 🙂



Good Morning, New Jersey!!!! 🙂


Beautiful view at the deck and delicious breakfast for Mrs. S birthday and Mother’s Day <3

I love breakfasts! And this one has got to be one of my favorites this year. We had cherries, pancakes, yummy sausage from the Amish market, and bellini! YUMMMS <3


Being with A’s family is no different from being with my family. They love going on food adventures just like my family and I!


For Mrs. S’ birthday lunch ,we took a trip to Harold’s a Jewish deli….an awesome Jewish Deli!


We were welcomed by these enormous cakes! OMG can I have one for my birthday?


Oooooh look at that! I am not kiiding when I say they are ENORMOUS!


New York is also known for their egg cream.

The firs ttime I tried this drink was at Emporiyum with A. It’ was such a treat to try one from NY!


Buffet of pickles.

I do not like pickles, but since they have a wide selection, I was able to enjoy a couple….which I didn’t know exist until I my visit to Harold’s.


They have everything that you will want with your deli sandwich. Rye bread is available for everyone (you  will know why shortly)


A ordered Chicken In The Pot

A whole chicken with a huge matzoh ball, noodles, consomme, garden vegetables and kreplach.

This is good for a family of 8. This reminded me of our dish in the Philippines called tinola.


Delicate and flavorful. Never knew Jewish food is good until this!


Harold’s corned beef

Everything in Harold’s are HUGE! Look at this delicious corned beef sandwich!



Harold’s pastrami sandwich

The reason why they have rye bread at the buffet! You will definitely need more bread!!


They make huge an understatement. I love love love pastrami! And Harold’s does not disappoint. Each slice is full of flavor and not dry.

We only got 3 items but they were enough to feeld up to 15 people!


Thank you Harold’s for the delicious food and amazing experience!



Greek Iced Coffee


.Buuuuuuut I love it when my man cooks!


Salad greens, homemade vinaigrette and pine nuts. I could finish this big bowl!


Veal Marsala for dinner! This is why I am lucky to have a Greek-Italian fiance! <3


Cherry Bomb


Thank you A!!! For taking me to beautiful places and let me have another place that I can feel loved <3


One of the few times that the timer made us look silly.


One of my to go outfits during the summer season.

Teal skater skirt from my brother and Klariz x top from Topshop.


R <3


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