Hong Kong Diaries: Hongkong to Manila Flight

10:06:13: Of Traveling Together

Hello, sweets! Another week is coming to an end, Monday is fast approaching, and I can’t wait for my weekend to start!!! This year, A and I promised each other that we will make this year better than the first 2 years we’ve been together. 2012, we were too busy at work that we missed spending some celebrations together (I remember working for his birthday all night). 2013, I spent 8 months in Manila, 8 months away from him. We engaged ourselves in a long distance relationship, and happily made it through after almost 11 months. Which I am very grateful for because A did everything to make me feel like he is not too away from me. Up to the point that he traveled to Asia and spent 3 weeks with me and my family. This year, we want to make the most of our time and experience new things together before we get married.

Anyway, this is my last post about our memorable trip in Hong Kong. Writing about this makes me pumped up about writing more each week so I can start our Bangkok Diary soon! Also, it excites me for our next trip together!!!! Traveling brought A and I closer and I think it is one of the reasons why I said YES to him. We got lost together, walked for an hour, survived a place we’ve never been before, spoke to people we couldn’t understand, and learned things about each other.

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The hotel sent us a fruit platter for A’s birthday before we checked out! Perfect for me because I love fruits!! YUMMMS


‘Our flight was in the afternoon, so we had the morning to do last minute shopping. The only thing on my list was to go the closest Tai Cheong that opens before 9AM.


Surprised A by wearing this Van Halen sweater for our last day! He likes it when I wear shirts of the bands that he listens to (hahahah it’s the least thing that I can do since I’ can’t stand 15 minutes listening to his music. LOL

While waiting for the train going to Tseung Kwan O.


We brought home 3 boxes of Taie Cheong goodies!!! 🙂 Almost 30pcs of egg tarts and 26 pieces of mini chicken pot pies!!! OMGGGGG take me to Tai Cheong now!

We had very little time after we came back from our Tai Cheong run, so we weren’t able to have lunch. Hotel arranged a car service for us going to the airport, but we realized we will not make it on time to our flight so we decided to go to the nearest airport Express Station (best move ever!)


We went to the Kowloon Station, which was only 10 minutes away from us. It was the easiest check-in EVER! There were no line and we were accommodated immediately.

Here I am filling up our forms for check-in.

Airport Express is very convenient! We just checked in our bags and waited for the train  to arrive.



We were told that it will take us 30 minutes to get there, but our total train ride was 28 minutes (or maybe even less).


The station is very clean and not crowded! It gave us peace before our flight


While waiting for our train….

…and the moment I realized that I left one of my favorite sunnies at the check in counter!!!! HUHUHU


Last “selfie” I took with my shades!!! HUHUHU still breaks my heart every time I think about it…

I have to go back to Rubi Singapore to get a pair again!


I get easily bored when traveling so having this timer is like counting sheep for me!

This is very accurate!!!


This is how the train looks like inside..

They have compartments for luggage to make it a more comfortable ride.


Hello, Hong Kong International Airport!





We couldn’t decided where to go for lunch. Most places were crowded and we did not want to miss our time. Luckily they have Starbucks right across our boarding gate so we were able to buy something to eat….finally!!!



We were not too worried about starving because PAL serves food (which we were both excited about haha)


His x Hers <3


My  family picked us up from the airport and we went straight to Tagaytay so A can have his Filipino feast again!

We took him to one of our favorite restaurants in Tagaytay, Leslie. A loves bulalo so going to Tagaytay is perfect after an amazing trip!


Some of the yummy looking snacks that we brought home! 🙂

4 boxes of big Hello Panda ; Tim Tams ; Green Tea cookies ; and oreo wafers


 More Asian Snacks!!! and Cadbury Marvelous Creations for my piggy brothers <3


Thinking of Asia makes me crave for some of my favorite food.


Like this sizzling chicken shawarma from the best shawarma place in Manila!!!! My family and I don’t care if it will take us an hour or so to get there. Their shawarmas are worth it and uhhhh mouth watering! Even A agrees to this! YUMMMS



Jamaican Patties!!!!! YUMMY to the highest level! I  introduced A to Jamaican Patties 2 years ago, and he said he has never tasted Jamaican patties this good before! YES!

Now take me to Manila!


R <3

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