Halloween In Your 20’s

“The Gift of Friendship”

Hello, sweets!! Happy Sunday!!! Sundays remind me of home..my family..my friends..my closet..everyone and everything! Halloween is fast approaching and I am still not sure if I will be able to dress up and party it up with my friends here (cause I have to work  late every weekend!!!!) Luckily I brought good memories with me to write about, so my Halloween is not going to be as lame as I think it would be. I am not big on scary stuff, and candies come first to mind when I think of Halloween. I don’t know if I will be able to give out candies this year but I know someday soon I can get crazy and make trick or treaters happy. Last year, I spent Halloween with my friends and I deliberately waited until this month to write about the good times that we shared together when I was home.


 The reason why I am also writing about this a few weeks early is because I  recently saw these kitchen babies that my good friend Cams gave me during my going away party this year.

They brings me back to our “panic spatula” slash Culinary school days. I love how my friends know me, and how they give me the perfect presents! Just like the tea infuser cause I am a tea lover <3


A few weeks before I left this February I had dinner with PPG at Mad for Garlic,The Fort.

We all do the same thing, we cook. Setting a date for dinner with all of us is always a challenge so I was very happy that we got to see each other before I left.


We had a table at the second floor, and it felt like we reserved the entire floor because it was just us there. haha

Having a glimpse of the kitchen is also and added bonus. Seeing Chefs in action remind me of why I love my job! 🙂


Cheongyang Pasta

I am still dreaming about this creamy pasta!!!! Sooooo gooooood <3


I see risotto, I order it!

Garlic Chicken and Mushroom

…and give me mushroom, I’ll love it!

One of the best risotto dishes that I’ve had in Manila.


Old Ham and Sausage Pizza

another killer!! Thin crust pizza with delish topings.


PPG (the incomplete version as we say) haha


Gift Box # 2

From one of my best friends who knows every crazy detail about me. The care package says it all! My Gelay who has always been there for me, and now shares the same timezone!!! So psyched that one of my best friends can see where I live here in the US!


..and I also still remember how my girlfriends called me the last minute telling me to dress up for our Saturday themed dinner.


This was what I came up with. I only had a couple of hours to look through my clothes and when I saw this skirt that my sister gave me, I immediately thought of dressing up as a gypsy! 



Tita Lida, Diane’s Mom, did a GREAT job in decorating their house.

We felt like kids again, especially when she was directing us how to pose and where to sit.

Anyway, Jho dressed up as a mermaid and wore a red wig, Bian as Manilyn Monroe and she looked great with the blonde wig, Diane was a pirate obviously 😉


Cause they have 1 million masks and this was the perfect time to wear them! 😉


After our themed dinnerwe met up with 2 of my favorite people in the world! My girlies,Alyza and Karen.

One of the few times that I was able to hangout with Karen. Being back here in Baltimore makes me miss them so much!!! Baltimore is not the same without these 2!



Obligatory mirror #ootd haha


My going away party at Aracama.

Who said you can only have one best friend?



I do not have a picture with everyone but looking at these pictures makes me miss life in Manila….. and how fun I used to be! hahaha



I guess this giant bucket of mixed cocktail can prove it…



…and how I enjoyed watching my siblings drink :))))))

My original best friends!!!!!


R <3

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