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Hello, sweets!! 🙂 Happy hump day!!! I’ve noticed that I haven’t posted anything about my wedding and the joys of planning it since the proposal entry. I love planning events! I think if I am not a Chef right now I would be an Event planner, slaving my way to every joyous moment. I can’t believe that A and I are getting closer and closer to our BIG DAY!!!! And everyday I feel like I still have a million things to do. It’s extra challenging to plan our wedding because we are miles and miles away from the Philippines. Yes! The wedding is going to be in the Philippines, so we are going back to my home country in a couple of months and we can’t wait!! My only wish during this process is to not be a bridezilla, I do not want to put the people that I love through a frightening roller coaster ride. I want it to be memorable for all of us, that’s why I want my personal touch in everything and everyone’s opinion. So far, no one has opposed to anything yet, I don’t know if they are just being nice or what but knowing that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the wedding makes things a lot easier.

Today, I will share with you one of the most exciting happenings in my life,and probably one of the best parts of being engaged —- the engagement shoot! A lot of couples are doing it now, and since I got engaged, whenever A and I does something related to the wedding I couldn’t help but be grateful for all the fun things that we get to experience. Getting married now is now an extra memorable milestone for the couple,all the perks and celebrations are just some of the things that makes me want to not let this pre-wedding stuff to end. I also know that there are still a number of engaged couples out there who are not too thrilled about doing an engagement shoot, and it could be because of many reasons,doing an engagement shoot is not cheap,and it will take up your day just for the shoot alone —- unless you want to keep it low-key and hire a friend photographer, you’ll be fine. 

Anyway, these are not the official photos from our photographer. I will be selfish for a little bit and take my time before I share them here! HAHA. And before you move on to the rest of my entry, read about my engagement here

My main reason why I started this blog 3 years ago is to inspire people, and though sometimes I feel like I fall short in doing that. Today, I will do my very best to tell you a few tips about having an engagement shoot 🙂


New York, New York!


Here we are at the Brooklyn Bridge being directed by my favorite photographer 🙂 


Tip# 1: Location Matters.

I know most couples would opt to go to a park and take pictures on grass. First of all, I am not the person who loves to spend more than an hour wearing my beautiful pair of babies on grass. This sounds really maarte or “divalicious” but I itch too fast and the only exception would be if A takes me on a picnic (**ehem**). A and I are adventurers, we like trying new things and I  personally hate the norm. I do not like what everyone does, I want to get out there and do something on my own. So doing it in the city that we love is not just a photoshoot for us, it was another experience and memory to tell everyone that we love.


The story? I feel A’s love every time we go to New York. He does not complain about driving for almost 3 hours. He lets me go all out on myself and lets me see the beauty of the city through food and by giving me time to go to the places I want to visit without letting go of my hand.

This is where we like to go when we want to celebrate something big. Where he was born. Where we got engaged. We have stories here…. beautiful and memorable stories.


Tip # 2: Make him smile.

I put NYC’s Chinatown as our first location. A loves Asian Food, and he adores NYC’s Chinatown so I know going here and enticing him with the restaurants will make him smile and get excited (and not complain about anything).

It worked well because he was pumped up for the shoot., and even listed down new restaurants to try for our next visit.


Tip#3: Let it reflect

We are both Chefs,so we want food and cooking to reflect on most parts of our wedding. Cooking is what defines us and our relationship, it’s how we met. Food is what brings us closer, we talk about it more than anything else. So for the theme of our NYC shoot, we went to areas in New York that is relevant to our relationship. Places that we’ve been before or food that we love. Like Eataly and Frozen Yogurt! 😉



Tip#4: Ride Supplied

We went to different locations, and the bustling streets of New York will not stop us from having great pictures. We decided to get a car to take us to our next location for convenience. It was a long day of working with our amazing photographer and I know it was exhausting for him and his partner so getting a car was a great way to keep everyone relaxed and comfortable.

Also, who would want to commute with bags of clothes and shoes? I did not want our kind assistants to have a hard time in carrying our stuff.


I mean c’mon…look at this sweet ride 🙂


…and a personal driver in NYC? YES please!


Tip#5: Go big or Go home

Remember that the engagement is not going to last forever, and there is nothing to fret about it because the married life is going to be just as amazing. Anyway, my point is, make it last. Maximize all the fun things that you can do as an engaged couple. The  engagement shoot is one of the best parts about it! So plan something out of the box and make it happen. For A and I, we let the city, our outfits,and the different locations speak for us. You do not necessarily need a huge backdrop with 1 million props, sometimes you can get a jaw-dropping background for free… just like ours 🙂


Tip #6: Listen

Photographers know what they are doing. We are grateful that we did our engagement shoot with one of the top photographers in Asia. We felt so comfortable instantly. I was a bit worried days before the shoot because both A and I are very shy. I get conscious about anything easily. but Pat made us feel  like a million bucks during the shoot. I have no idea about posing, especially with someone. But his directing was so good, we couldn’t believe how good we look on our photos! And the comments form our loved ones are overwhelming, and it’s all because our photographer made it happen.


Pat being the great teacher that he is


Tip#7: Make it come true

One of my dreams in life is to do an engagement shoot at the Brooklyn Bridge. And it happened! Thanks to the love of my life for making my dreams come true. Cliche as it sounds but I have a partner who will cross the sea just to see me smile and for that I am very grateful. Anyway, doing an engagement shoot is not just about taking pictures. You can make it extra personal by doing something from your list of (insert cheesy list title here). The first thing that people usually tell us when they see our pictures from the shoot is “WOW!” and when I tell them the reason why we did a Brooklyn Bridge set, they give me the long sweet “awws” that I love to hear.


Tip #8: Inception it Up

Do a shoot during the shoot. BTS — behind the scenes. I am sharing with you our BTS pictures. It’s nice to have some pictures to look at before the photographer gives you the official photos. It’s also a good way of remembering details,


I told A I want my first time at the Brooklyn Bridge to be for my engagement shoot, and that’s what happened! We never visited the Brooklyn Bridge before.

Firsts are always memorable, and I am happy I share a lot of “firsts” with A! 🙂


Tip#9: Change it Up

Don’t settle for one outfit. Dressing up for me is like eating a box of Laduree macarons on a Sunday morning while sipping tea. It’s the best feeling ever. Every lady deserves to feel pretty. I know a lot of girls who would just dress up casually for the shoot, but I urge you to go to the nearest mall and find something that you wouldn’t wear everyday. You would be surprised of how your finace will look at you during the shoot!

And for men. jeans are for bars. Leave them at home. Dress up for your lady and make her feel extra special! Seeing my A looking so handsome made me more inspired to make my self look good in every picture, I mean….who wants to be the ugly one anyway? HAHA!


The adventure never ends! We are so grateful to everyone who made this happen for A and I.


Tip#10: You need Help

Remember that you and your fiance/e are the stars. You are both celebrities for the day. Celebrities have their glam team, and you should too! Gerry and I are very blessed that we met people who showed care and respect to us. I am so far away from home and I told A that if we were in the Philippines, we wouldn’t have to worry about having someone to help us because we have our indays and dodongs, but here it is different. Luckily we  met Jeorny and Otep who contributedto making our engagement shoot unforgettable.


Beauty in between of beauties.

I love how in every corner in Brooklyn there is beauty.


Tip # 11: Make it Beautiful

A couch could be just a couch. But it could be the best ending piece for your shoot. We saw this couch while walking around Dumbo. This location was not part of our list, but I am glad Pat suggested it. It gave a different aura and feel to our set of photos. This couch was waiting to be picked up by a dump truck (or maybe it was waiting for us) but yeah… it turned out to be one of the best pieces ever!


Tip#12: The Photographer

This should be on top of my list, but I want to save the best for last. I have been a fan of Pat Dy for years now. He brings weddings and engagement shoots to a different level. So when it was time for me to have my engagement shoot, I did not think twice in sending him an e-mail. A had no idea about the ins and outs of photoshootsuntil he met Pat. He made us feel like we have been doing this for decades. Him and Caliber King’s professionalism and friendliness are just some of the things why we are so grateful that we got them for our engagement shoot and our upcoming wedding. We couldn’t think of anyone else who will take our pictures but Team Pat Dy!



Thank you New York, and thank you God.

It still feels surreal that this happened <3


…to getting married!! <3


R <3

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