New York Engagement Shoot II

Hello, sweets!!! ūüôā Today I am going to write about the continuation of our engagement shoot. Unlike my previous post, this won’t be extra cheesy and it will mostly cover food. It’s hard for A and I to go out on a date and not make food the highlight.Planning the engagement shoot was very exciting for us, so I will also add a little extra to this post and show you snippets of the things that we did prior to the event. I don’t know if I can ever top my¬†New York Engagement Shoot¬†post, I mean WOW! The traffic that I got and overwhelming messages from everyone made my heart melt. And I guess it’s safe to say……¬†donnnnn’t goooo!¬†Hahaha!

Want to be inspired? Read my blog about our Engagement Shoot before you scroll down


New York is not only about the fast phased lifestyle and glamorous outfits. It’s the concrete jungle, and one must be an animal to fully see what New York is all about.

Don’t just go to 5th Ave or Times Square. Do get lost,ask New Yorkers, and don’t be afraid! Try the food carts parked on the streets and go to a beautiful restaurant with an amazing view. Stare at the subway map. Ladies, look at the shoes that New ¬†Yorkers wear.

Don’t be a tourist, be a traveler.


A gets excited when he sees the word “noodles”. He saw the logo of this restaurant and asked Pat if he can take pictures outside this restaurant.

I almost died laughing, but let’s be honest I found it cute that he spoke up. The engagement shoot is more of a woman’s thing and the fact that he cooperated and wanted something for the two of us made me so happy.

Anyway, we can’t have a picture outside this restaurant and not eat here.


The restaurant is not too big and the aura made us feel like we were in Asia. The first floor has approximately 16 seats, though we did not see the downstairs dining area (which we do not think is a lot bigger).


Call us insane but we ordered 2 identical dishes just because we love noodles SO MUCH!


Shrimp Hand Shaved Noodles



Shrimp and Chicken Hand Shaved Noodles

As expected, these 2 dishes were so good! We totally felt like we were eating at a Chinese restaurant in Asia.

I still dream about the delicateness of the noodles… the way the wok flavors… the perfect amount of shrimp…. AAAAH!!!!! <3


Hungry yet?


A ordered the¬†hand pulled noodles in soup with oxtail…. of course!

This bowl screams GERRY! I feel like they created this dish for him. It did not disappoint, it was everything he hoped for. The flavor, texture of the noodles, and the right size for the fat kid inside of him.






Seafood Hand Pulled Noodle Soup

For less than $6, Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles gives a very generous amount of goodness. They do not skimp on seafood or meat, they give the right amount of noodles,and the broth…aaaah the broth <3


I can never pass an opportunity to order dumplings. Especially a delicious one like this.

Most Chinese restaurants here in Baltimore can’t get “dumplings” right. Sometimes it tastes like a meatball wrapped in a thick dough, most of the time I don’t even know if I am eating a dumpling or steamed¬†lumpia.¬†



Happy table of 4!


I tried to take a picture of the rack of noodles behind her but she kept on getting in the way. Haha


It was a sunny and breezy day and walking the whole length of the Brooklyn Bridge (oh yes we did!) made me thirsty.


Luckily they have a couple of vendors in the middle of the bridge.

Coconut Italian Ice for me!!!!! #Happiness


A and I loves¬†Eataly.¬†It’s one of the coolest places we’ve been to. So we made it a point that we will have a couple of pictures here.


We can’t also go to Eataly and not try something new.. So we did! We had to get something that we can eat fast cause we only had 15 minutes until we leave for our next location.



The focaccia station looked and smelled so good! It was hard for us to resist.



I tried to pain my nails (again).


This is one of the dresses that I tried. Unfortunately it’s a size 2 and believe me, I tried my best to find a way for the dress to not fall off ¬†but I couldn’t find a way around it. Huhuhu


I loved the color and the cut!!!! If only they had my size.


For my casual look, I went for a Ted Baker dress. Who can go wrong with Ted Baker?


I chose the Iberis dress because I thought I could be extra girly for our engagement shoot.

Check the dress here


My second dress was very last minute. I had 2 other dresses with me but I decided to wear this on the Brooklyn Bridge because we wanted to do a “glamour theme” in the middle of normalcy.

I ordered my dress online, 2 days before the shoot (thank you express shipping!!!)

This Amsale dress is actually a bridesmaids dress and you can check it here

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