Spring Lunch Dates

Hello, sweets! 🙂 Hello, Autumn!!! It may not be as warm outside as spring or summer but I am happy that I can still go out and not wear layers and layers of clothing.The past 3 days has been lovely, the weather and the time that I had with A before another crazy work weekend were just some of the things that I will hold onto until our next day off. Days like this remind me of spring,, the beautiful flowers around our place, the green grass,and the joy of having sun out until 8pm. A and I does not let a week go by without trying something new — food, place, experience, anything! 

Yesterday, I woke up saying “thank God it’s Monday”. A day where we only worry about where and what to eat. I cans say that we tried a lot of new things this year, different cuisines, went to places we thought we will never try,and discovered hidden gems around the area. So here are a couple of Mondays during spring, beautiful spring.


I am a FroYo addict and A knew about that even before he took me out for our  first “date”.

I won’t go into much cheesy details but for quite sometime he thought I ate FroYo for breakfast ,lunch, and dinner! Haha


I love how our apartment is so close to a lot of froyo places. I WILL NEVER GET HUNGRY! haha

TCBY is such a sweet discovery. The velvety texture of their froyo and unique flavors are the qualities that I look for when I go to a froyo place. 



…and of course! I love sharing my cup of froyo happiness with the love of my life! 🙂


I must have mentioned this a million times already….but A loves ASIAN FOOD!


East Moon has this late-night bar vibe. If there’s a dancefloor this place would pass as a club because of the lights and the cool looking bar


I chose our appetizers… I tend to be voracious when I am huuuuuungry.

Sushi is my to go food,and since I got back from Asia I’ve been eating sushi every week. Spicy Tuna Roll does not fail me, I love spicy food so this one is perfect for me.



I told A this has the “frozen dumplings from H Mart” kind of taste. I am not sure if they make everything in house, but I hope they do cause all of their employees are Asians!!!


East Moon’s take on yakisoba. This is good but I am not a fan of yakisoba with broccoli. In fact, this was the first time that someone served me yakisoba with broccoli! haha


A got the chicken in red curry sauce.I don’t order curry when I eat out, I think I appreciate it more when we cook curry at home. Anyway, A is a big curry lover, but this for him is just okay.


We found the heart shaped rice very cute though!!!! 🙂


One of the things I love about spring and summer…. my smoothie king fix!!!! I always get the biggest which is  40 ounces.



Chocolate Heaven.


Main reason why I love this international grocery — I can get European chocolates by the pound! Aaaah <3


We got two of each but here’s the first batch of chocolates that we tried. We will be back and try more!!


We do not go to a lot of chain or fast food restaurants (Chick-Fil-A is an exception) and everytime I ask A to take mt to Noodles & Company he will give me this naughty look. I was finally able to convince him to eat at Noodles and Company so I can try their food for the first time.

MY experience was not bad, in fact, I could even go to Noodles and Company again and again. I got the whole grain tuscan fresca and chinese chicken chop salad. Both were delish! A makes fun of me when I get vegetarian dishes (I am not vegetarian but I love eating healthy).Anyway,  he ordered the thai curry noodle soup, which was a seasonal dish.


Yolavie is a few doors down, another froyo place that I love. I can consider this the best within the 3 mile  radius from my apartment. I love their almond granola *drools*

I had to deal with medical stuff during spring and I am lucky to have A who knows how to make me feel better…

….by taking me to one of my to-go restaurants!


Nordstrom Cafe!!

Pastries? YES PLEASE!

I love how Nordstrom has a seasonal menu. There’s always something new everytime we go.


Thai Salad with edamame and grilled chicken.

I love edamame and arugula. So so perfect for me!! <3


A’s chicken with sun dried tomato, arugula in tomato cream sauce.

We both loved this!!!! Just like the gnocchi that I fell in love in when A first took me here, this was another exceptional pasta dish from Nordstrom Cafe.


We can’t not try the carrot cake.I’m a sucker for carrot cake and theirs is definitely one of the bests that I’ve tried.


And I can’t let the season end without having a red velvet cupcake from Nordstrom Cafe!!!! <3 (Please take me to Nordstrom Cafe now!)


We crossed off Indian cuisine from our list of foods to try… yay!

We have an idea of what Indian food is lke, but we never really sat down and tried authentic dishes that can make us appreciate the cuisine more.


Truthfully,we are not fans of Indian food, and we do not want to spend too much on something that we are not a hundred percent sure of so this Indian buffet is perfect!


Naan is my favorite Indian food staple. It’s similar to Malaysia’s roti which is another favorite of mine.

We enjoyed the buffet and got to like a couple of Indian food, but will we try it again? Maybe not anytime soon.But I’d definitely go back for the naan!


My forever lunch date <3


.I miss having a healthy long hair!!!!! 🙁


A #selfie for my hater! hahahah <3



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