Virginia Eats: Fairfax Inn (Filipino Restaurant)

05.27.14: Virginia and us

Hello, sweets!! 🙂 Happy (almost) weekend! Halloween is literally right around the corner and guess what??? No dressing up for me this year :(( It’s a shame that I can’t have weekends off unless it’s for something really important. No need to fret though cause I have good weekends ahead of me (hint: birthday month).

A few days ago, I was blessed with another challenging situation. It’s not as complicated as the other things that I am dealing with now. I wasn’t planning to react to it but I thought this could also be a perfect opportunity to inspire someone who is going through the same thing. I hope I can make this short so I can move on to my happy post. Haha


“I don’t understand why someone would do this to you. You are always busy here in the apartment, sitting on the couch while watching your shows if not blogging or talking to your family, most days you are at work. Why would someone do this?When you’ve done nothing”. Those were A’s words when I showed him what’s happening, It is very peculiar to have someone cyber bully me when I’ve done nothing but to live my life here. It’s crazy how I am a gazillion miles away from my home country and yet someone finds a way to try and hurt me (but news flash: it’s not working!). We all have our fair share of struggles, and I like mine to be dealt discretely as possible. I think everyone who has seen me before would agree that I look VERY different now,I matured and love life more. No make up, clothes,and shoes can ever make me look the way I am now than the love I have inside of me. Love for my family, partner in life, passion, life -life- life,and my faith. I sometimes think that the people who chooses to hurt others are those who needs love and affection. I pity them because they find happiness in trying to hurt someone and think that it’s okay to find happiness in someone else’s misery. These are just some of the things that I think about my #hater/s. As crazy as it sounds,someone actually took the time to make fun and torment me. All I can think about now is how

I wish that person know s how hard it is for me to wake up each day and know that I won’t be eating breakfast with my Dad..or lunch..or dinner. That most of the time I choose not to eat anything because there is no one to eat with. I wish I can tell that person how I spent years and years of being called names and made fun of for being fat. I wonder if that person knows how it feels like to be bullied…because I do.


Soooo moving on….I still think it’s crazy (…and cute) that I am marrying a man who is so fascinated about Asian food. Whenever I tell him  about an Asian restaurant he does not think twice about going to that place. Even if it will take us an hour or so…just like our trip to Fairfax.


A would often tell me how he wishes we could eat Filipino food more. He wants us to cook his favorite Filipino dishes and relive all the fun times that we’ve had in the Philippines. But honestly, I don’t think my “Filipino cooking skills” are up to par. I still think that I am at the stage of learning how to cook Filipino food the way we do it at home. Not having the local ingredients that we use in the Philippines is one of the biggest challenges that I face every time we cook Filipino food here, but so far, A has been commending me for our successful Filipino dinners.


One day, I’ve decided to look for all the Filipino restaurants close to Baltimore. I became hopeless because all the ones here, we’ve already went to. So I had to step it up and change the proximity of where I am looking at. To my surprise, I found more than 10 Filipino restaurants in Washington DC and Virginia…yay!


We decided to go to Fairfax Inn cause we’ve seen good reviews about it…and it’s close to our favorite mall in Virginia, Tyson’s! haha 🙂


Reminds me of Filipino homes


Fairfax Inn does not sound Filipino at all, but the inside is nothing but any home in the Philippines. The warm welcome, hard working Filipinos, and this altar.


Fairfax Inn is a diner.And would you believe? For the first time, I was the only Asian costumer when A and I went! Haha. Usually when A and I goes to an Asian restaurant, he feels odd for being the only American. Lol


These 2 ladies were working on the front line. They reminded me of my sister and I.,and my aspiration of being at the same workplace with her.


We patiently waited for our food. Here in the US, I tend to be more understanding when I am in a Filipino restaurant. I know how it is in the kitchen, and serving authentic cuisine in a different country could be pretty challenging.


A can never pass an opportunity to have his pork sinigang!

I tried the broth and I must it was really good!


A finished this big bowl for 2-3 pax… he loves his sinigang so much!


I never though I could eat lumpiang sariwa here. You have no idea how happy I was when I was this on the menu. They make everything from scratch which made me inspired to do this sometime soon.



A is a pancit lover but he let me order my palabok. This is something that I do not know how to do yet, So everytime we are in a Filipino restaurant I order this;.


Very very delicious!!!! All the dishes made me feel like we were in Manila! 🙂



After our sumptuous meal, we went to the mall as planned. I saw this canister of matcha and told A I have to try it. I’m a matcha addict like that!


My cup of happiness!

Matcha froyo with granola and mango <3 Yummmms


We came home with happy tummies and new stuff!!! 🙂 #Mondays



Can’t wait to see beautiful flowers again!!!! Winter please be good to me!


My (almost) #ootd haha





Another #selfie for my hater 😉


R <3

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