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06.13.2014:  Of Date Nights

Hello,sweets!!! 🙂 How’s your November so far? Can you believe we only have 2 months left until we say hello to 2015?? AAAAH! It has been an amazing busy year and I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings (crazy cause I already know it will be the best year ever!).The past week was lovely AND exhausting at the same time. A and I were able to go on our little adventures around the city,which I am very thankful for cause I do not know how I’d survive this week at work without losing my sanity if it weren’t for the beautiful 2 days that we’ve had.

A would sometimes take me out on romantic dates “to celebrate life”. Dates wherein we are not celebrating anything in particular. but life. A to me is the best date ever! He patiently waits for me to get done — I would often tell him that it would only take me an hour to get ready, the biggest lie of all! He never complained about how long it takes me to do my hair and make up, and how I try one million dresses before I find the perfect one. I love how he gives me this sweet look when I get out of the bedroom all dressed up instead of that “what took you so long slash we are late look”. He lets me order 10 dishes — no not really haha but as Chefs we can both get a little crazy when it comes to food. There would be times that I would like to try 2 appetizers and A would let me even though it means giving up his pork for my salad. He is A — he looks into my eyes and holds my hand. He never fails to make me feel like the most beautiful girl in the room (even though I always tell him, I AM NOT!).


It’s very very very rare that we both get the Friday night off, and as much as we both want to relax and prepare for work the next day, A would take advantage of our night off and make our Friday memorable.

One of our favorite restaurants here in Baltimore is Woodberry Kitchen.

We love everything about this restaurant! The rustic vibe, food,location…everything!


Before I move forward, here are my previous entries about Woodberry




Clipper Park road is so beautiful! I am so happy that I now have good pictures of the location of Woodberry. It’s very different where we usually go so I always have this giddy slash I-just-want-to-take-pictures-all-day vibe!



My handsome date leading the way…..

#chos I was just being slow  because I was too busy taking one million pictures.



Every corner is beautiful. Every corner made us want to live in Woodberry.



One of the things that I love about Woodberry! Outdoor fireplace!!!


Someday A and I will sit outside, drink, and talk about life.


Oh hello you 🙂


We originally reserved a table at the patio. We wanted to take advantage of the beautiful summer day.


I guess we can’t really have everything because aftet a couple of minutes of enjoying our bread basket, it started pouring 🙁 So we got transferred to our “usual table” at the second floor.

Which is fine cause at least we got to sit outside for a while and appreciate the beauty of the day and Woodberry.


Our bread basket. I always look forward to their house made bread…they’re always delish!


WK Beef Tartaare

Best steak tartare ever!!! Perfectly seasoned, freshly made, and a total killer!The fish pepper mayonnaise was a nice addition to this plate.


I fell in love with pickled vegetables because of Woodberry. We can’t not go to Woodberry for dinner and not order a jar of pickled veggies.


In the jar: kohlrabi, green tomatoes, peppers, cucumber


It’s only right to celebrate our Friday night off with a glass of stout….for A!

No drinks for me though he insisted. #IAmStillLearning haha


House made Spelt Cavatelli with Meat Ragu

I don’t know why but everytime I go to Woodberry I do not care for the huge suppers as much as I care for the single entress or side dishes that they have. Like this cast iron of delicious housemade pasta. Sometimes I just want to enjoy one good thing, and this was very perfect. Though I have to say, I was a little disappointed because the left top side of my dish was burnt 😐 But nonetheless the meat ragu and pasta were perfect that I (almost) did not care for it!


Wilted Greens

I like going to restaurants who support local farmers but I love restaurants who can make an exceptional dish out of vegetables. Woodberry does both! I  swear I can go to Woodberry, order a plate of veggies, and leave very happy.


Wild Caught Virginia Red Drum with Roasted Tomatoes, House made Sausage, Wilted Greens and Snake Oil Beaurre Blanc

A’s dish looked phenomenal. It was everything that you would expect from Woodberry. A good piece of protein served with local ingredients!

We first tried their snake oil at the Emporiyum event, so it’s nice to have it again incorporated in a dish.


We always get this giddy feeling whenever w e go to Woodberry. It always feel like it’s our first time to try their food. We always leave satisfied and happy,in awe of the food that we had.

One of the perfect ways to spend our Friday night together indeed!


The perfect date. My gentleman. The love of my life. My fiance <3


After this we laughed because we thought this pose was too cheesy and serious for us. hahaha

DSC_0828-tile We are not pros when it comes to taking pictures using our DSLR (but we try!!). There is no other way to learn but to practice….and so he did.He made me twirl and act ridiculously but whatevs.


R <3

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