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06.13.14: The Girl

Hello,dolls!!! 🙂 Happy (almost) weekend! It’s very seldom that I look forward to Fridays here because I am usually at work until late which makes it feel like a Monday. But tomorrrrrow, I get to embrace it just like this one! A night off with my fiance,and I am too hyped about it because we are going to the Greek Festival then celebrate being youth with our dear friends. So here’s the part two of our friday date night. We made sure that we will have pictures of everything that we did and saw during that day, weekend date nights does not happen very often for us so we wanted it be well documented 😉


I wanted my previous post to be solely for Woodberry Kitchen (

so I’ve decided to create another entry for my #OOTD and…..


our Charmery experience.

As painful as this may sound, I’ve stopped eating ice cream a couple of days ago. I was the biggest ice cream freak until I gained so much weight that I had to give up some of my favorite indulgences. I remember downing 2 cups of Nestle’s Rocky Road in one sitting, and how I loved Cornetto! Aaaaah just thinking about it makes me want to go to work now and get a pint of honey graham ice cream!!!!


I can’t remember the last time I gave myself an “ice cream treat” prior to our Charmery trip, I think it was more than 6 months ago when I had more than a teaspoon.

It was a Friday, and I am going to say it again, WE DON”T GET TO HAVE FRIDAY NIGHTS OFF VERY OFTEN, so I had to…. I had to go hard (as A and my sister and I would say) and have my scoop of ice cream.

My pistachio toffee <3 <3 <3

As soon as I saw this on the board, I knew I have to get it! Lucky for me they only had one kiddie scoop left. I was able to try and not feel all to guilty cause I had too much! haha

As expected, it was heavenly!!!! Pistachio is my favorite, and I don’t care if people say only boring people get pistachio. The toffee bits made it even better! No wonder Charmety is part of Baltimore’s Top 10 best ice cream parlors! 🙂


 A got the Egg Cream. Something that you can’t see in Baltimore very often because it is a Brooklyn thing. A loved it and so did I!




Love the ice cream scoop found all over the store! Especially the huge one on top of the door 😉




 A date night is not complete without using my current favorite beauty products! <3

Benefit eye shadow — Nars eyeliner to widen my small Asian eyes — Almay CC cream — Rimmel stay matte foundation

Make up — one of the reasons why I love being a woman!


I always go for a nice dress that will make me feel pretty inside when A takes me out on a date.

DSC_0821A‘Since I did not want to look to girl, I’ve decided to go for this one sided dress from Express.



Ever since A proposed to me, I’ve unconsciously stopped wearing accessories. It’s probably because of the fact that my favorite accessory now is my engagement ring, and that it is worth more than one million accessories that I could possible have.


Though I feel like I should start accessorizing again because looking at this photo makes me realize that I am borderline plain. Haha


I am also happy with how my big curly waves turned out. It’s very seldom that I get to have a nice hairdo like this after work. Yay!



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