The Greek Life

Cause I love anything Greek way too much

Hello, sweets!! Guess what?? We had the Friday night off again!! I can’t help but find it funny because a couple of days ago I was just gushing about our Friday date night back in Summer…and now we were able to do it again this Fall. YAY! Last night was ahmaaahzing! It was not like our Woodberry date night but A gave me new memories to cherish. what we did is somewhat related to what I will be talking about in a while…GREEK! I am so happy that I am here for the Greek Festival this year,and that we were able to go and eat delicious Greek food…..and have fun with our friends after! I  couldn’t think of any other way to celebrate our Fall Friday Date Night  than how we spent it last night.

I compiled all the Greek related photos that I have on my computer to make a decent Greek related post. A couple of days ago, I told A and his Mom that I am happy that they celebrate a lot of traditions. That we always have something to look forward to and feel grateful for each day.


The Greek Life is more than just lemons, feta cheese, and olive oil. I think one of the reasons why I am very excited to marry A is because his values are the same as mine.


 To start this entry…. I will talk about me! HAHA

So I finally got a haircut after 4 months of being back here in Baltimore. I am always afraid to go for a trim (even though mah girl LC says that we should !) I’ve had my fair share of annoying “my hair is way tooo short moments” so yeaaap, it usally takes me a while to go back. haha

Anyway, so I went to the salon a couple of hours before our drive to New Jersey, and after an hour of hair treatment and a long chat with the hairdresser, I did not notice time and I was already outside the salon so no blow dry for me!! Haha The lady did not want to let me leave with wet hair so she did this for me! #LoveIt


Good bye, loooong hair!!!


After!! #Yay


Perfect companion for our afternoon drive to New Jersey (which also does not happen very often)

DSC_0925Immune booster for me!! Veggies x fruits in a huge cup…yes please! <3


Main reason for our trip to New Jersey: Chinese feast!!!! Haha joke. Father’s Day!! (see how late this post is!)



Asian City is one of the best Chinese restaurants here in the US. We don’t have a lot of good restaurants that serve authentic style Chinese food here in Baltmore, and we always find something amazing up in New Jersey, Philadelphia and New York. A is willing to drive all the way to those states just to get his awesome Chinese food fix.

I mean….look at this delicious fried lobster that we always order when we go to Asian City! It’s to delicious we can’t even….. haha



Steamed Pomfret

Yesssss…just like how we do it in Asia! Delicate fish with perfect sesame soy sauce 🙂



Pork Fried Noodles

A’s family love fried noodles! And thank God for Asian City cause they make it really good!


Wonton Shrimp ; Fried Calamari ; Braised Eggplant ; Short Ribs in Black Pepper Sauce

…and all the other delicious Chinese food we had!

But waaaaaaaaait! I thought this is about the Greek Life? Well this day was for our Greek man, A’s Dad! Delish dinner for Father’s day!!!! 🙂


The day after Father’s day we went to Philadelphia for an extended celebration.

Still Greek related because it’s about our Greek Dad haha


Philadelphia is either Chinese food or Cheesesteak to us….and we only go to the best for our cheesesteak fix!


The first location. See how small it is!


So happy that Ishkabibble’s opened a bigger location a few doors down their original! No more loooong wait for us!


.We finally enjoyed our cheesesteaks inside the restaurant. yay!!


Cold Italian Sub


I always get the chicken cheesesteak (OMG drools) with lettuce, mushroom,tomato, and WIZZZZ!!

So so so delicious!!!!!!!


Now don’t you want Ishkabibble’s cheesesteak now? #NOMS


I enjoy going to Greek church. The solemnity and warmth of everyone that we meet makes going to church extra exciting


So what happens after mass? COFFEE HOUR!

OMG made me love going to A’s church more! HAHAHAHA #TheFattyLife


For A’s Dad’s name day, I am so happy that A and I were both off so we were able to hear mass with the family.


…and of course Greek food was in order.


Sorry for the gross picture….but this was what I had to endure during summer. #IStillLoveMyJob


To end my post….here’s what cooking at New Jersey looks like. Well A lets me relax and he cooks with his Dad, which is always awesome! 🙂

New Jersey to me is seafood time! We always get clams from their local vendor 🙂


Tis the season for softshell crabs

OMG! Softshells crabs….. the best!


Clam pasta…simplicity at its best! One of my faves ever.


Oh A you make me fat….and happy!!!!


Fresh fruits for breakfast to make me feel less guilty about our sumptuous dinner 😉

…and I like to eat my fruits now with feta!!! #Greek


with my favorite Greek guy!



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