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07.08.14: Our New Playmate

Hello,sweets!!! šŸ™‚ How was your weekend? Ours is just about to end tomorrow and it has been amazing… just how I expected it to be. I am still not over about my Friday night out with my favorite people here in Baltimore, and last night God blessed us with another memory to cherish for the entire week —Ā double date night with our best friends at one of the best restaurants I’ve been!Ā 

I wish I could share to you our wonderful dinner last night now but I have waaaay too many posts that I need to publish before that so I will talk about something relevant to it instead. I am grateful that we have friends here in Baltimore that we get to hangout with during our days off. Friends that can relate to us in terms of the things that we love to eat or cook. It’s hard to find a true friend in a city that I’ve only been for less than 3 years, but Frances and Roger (and now baby Roger too) hasĀ contributed into making my life here very exciting. I love weeks where in we get to see each other more than once, A and I have the most challenging schedules ever but thank God to our best friends who are willing to hangout with us on a weekday šŸ˜‰


If not doing something in the kitchen together, we go out to eat and fill ourselves up with great food.

This was taken when we met up with Peter for drinks. I just thought this is a good first photo for my entry haha


One of the things that we value as Chefs isĀ connection. Ā I am happy to say that at the age of 23, I’ve met a good number of talented Chefs that know me by name. It is a big thing because I know that when I get out there and try to doe something bigger for my career, I have people who could help or teach me how to get there.


Earlier this year I was able to meet new people because of work. To work alongside talented Chefs is just one of the reasons why I will never get tired of coming to work.

We came to Ryleigh’s really hungry, and I was already thinking of what to get..but life reminded me that I work with AMAZING people, my managers i the kitchen welcomed us with creative and delicious dishes out of the menu.

For our starter, delicious cold crab and watermelon soup perfect for the summer.

I love watermelon and OMG this was the most delicious watermelon dish I’ve had!!! Perfect balance of flavorsĀ from the watermelon and crab… I would love to have this every summer!


Beef Tartare with Fried Oyster in Genral Tso’s Sauce

Our second appetizer did not fall short either. It was everything that A and I loves, beef tartare with a crunch component that is inspired by an Asian sauce, what more could we ask for? I had to control myself from finishing this entire dish.


Vegetable Ash Charred Scallops with Spicy Aioli

Perfectly cooked scallops served with spicy aioili….THE BOMB!



I honestly can’t remember what Chef Pat called this, but it was one of the most creative dishes I’ve seen.

Lobster Roll with Lobster Tater Tots and Lobster Sauce


Lobster tail meatballl wrapped in caul fat….a very high class dish if you ask me!


LambĀ Ravioli in Butter and Sage Sauce

I’m a ravioli freak, so this one was a total treat for me! NOMS


Clam Mussels and Lamb with Spring Onion & Parsley Gnocchi

Gnocchi and mussels…I think this dish was made for me! YUMMS!


What’s a Ryleigh’s dinner without oysters??


Stuffed Calamari with Bacon and House made Shrimp Sausage, Kale and Romaine Salad with Kimchi Sauce

Our 8th course was nothing but delicious. Anything with housemade sausage it to me is a treat!


Crab Ravioli in Thyme Basil Sauce

Can I have more, please?


Perfect time for an orange crush šŸ™‚


We originally wanted to have a table outside but everyone knew that it was going to rain. And it did! It started pouring a couple of minutes after I took this shot #jinx


George sent us a dessert platter

Dessert — the best way to end every great dinner!


George makes very good caramel bars. I swear I always try to restrain myself from eating a whole piece at work haha


and his chocolate chip cookies with pistachios?? TO DIE FOR!

DSC_0371AWe get our ice cream from the #1 creamery here in Baltimore, Taharka Brothers! Their honey graham is one of my guilty pleasures.


Table for 6 please!


3 and a half men


Am I cute enough to eat with you guys??? #Totes


I also like to take friends to Ryleigh’s. The food and drinks are amazing that I know our friends will have a great time

This one of the plates that George sent us when we came with A’s best man, Peter.Ā Lamb Ribs withĀ Guinness BBQ Sauce


Fish Tacos. A couple of beers, orange crush and a dozen of oysters for our wonderful weekday night out! šŸ™‚


We try to visit Baby Roger whenever we can. He is the sweetest and cutest thing that God blessed us with this year!


3rd time we saw this little cutie in the same week! Couldn’t be any happier and moreĀ gigil.


I mean business —- eat eat eat!


Ā Baby Roger LOOOOOVES A so much!! It is the most adorable thing ever!!!!!!


R <3

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