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It’s never too late to have a new BFF!

Hello, sweets!!! 🙂 I can’t believe we are almost halfway through my birthday month!(time, you need to slowdown!!!). November is always sweet to me, even though I do not try to make it extra amazing, blessings come pouring to remind me of how beautiful life is (and that turning a year old is not too bad!).I am not the only one who looks forward to November (well….duhh) what makes it even more special now is that one of my best friends birthday is also in November!

There are times where I feel like I am not being a good friend. Times that make me realize that being away could be challenging in every way. Recently it would take me up to more than a day to get back to messages from my friends, and it makes me feel horrible (of course!) because it shouldn’t be that way. Last night I felt overwhelmed about everything that I NEED to do in the next couple of months, all I wish right now is to have TIME to make them all happen.


Days like this makes me miss having my girlfriends close to me. I wish I could just give them a call right now and meet up an hour after.


I miss having lunch dates with Alyza, I wish I was home for her birthday to celebrate our birthday month together, just like last year! But the least thing that I can do for the person who made being in a LDR relationship bearable for me for 10 months is to write an entry here on my blog.


Alyza became my “A” last year. We would meet up every week and eat somewhere new.


Meeting up with her for lunch at Noriter in Taft Ave. was unplanned. I remember being in the area and thinking of her immediately!

It wasn’t my first time to go to Noriter, and I am so happy that I introduced something new to Alyza.


This Korean cafe is very kawaii. Like vandalizing? Go here and feel free to write on the floor,wall or the steps!

I have bad memories about Taft Ave, so it’s nice to replace them with good memories! With the help of one of my best friends,I do not cringe anymore when I think about this place.



This cafe is not just pretty! They serve delicious pastries and drinks too.


Any place that serve matcha is an instant happy pill for me.

Say hello to my delicious green tea frappe! It looks a little boring cause I’ve decided to skip the whip! haha



Delicious Honey Toast!


Definitely more than enough for the 2 of us.


Shoes off for us! So fun to let lose for a while 🙂


Floor was clean so the OC in me did not freak out haha




Always a fun time with this girlyyyy


We went to Zark’s after to have real food for lunch

Big meals are not typically my first choice but with Alyza I’d eat anything haha



Our secret? We like to share the calories with each other!

It took me a looong time to eat a burger again, so having this delicious treat was heavenly for me.



Every week, when we set our dates, we see to it that we go somewhere nice. A couple of weeks before my departure, we’ve decided to go to Barcino.



Alyza loves wine, and sometimes I wish I enjoy it as much as she does without making a face in every sip.


We were so happy to have a table inside the wine room. We had the privacy that we wanted!

Made me want to take A here someday 🙂



We ordered food good for 5 people.. of course. hahaha! 🙂


I always order lamb when it’s on the menu to see if the restaurant will cook it right. We asked for medium rare and I must say, they did it right!

Yay! This was delicious and tender!!! NOMS


Serrano Ham – cause what is a wine date without cured meat?

Bread with crushed fresh tomatoes seasoned with salt and pepper. Sooooo delicious I am seriously craving right now!!!

Botifarra Sandwich – Jejekid got this longanisa inspired sandiwich which was really good.

Croqueta Setas – Creamy mushroom potato croquette



We loved our special table!!!!


I asked jejekid to come with me. We had so much fun with our new “recruit” as we called him that day. haha


Happy happy birthday to one of the best girl friends ever!! I seriously don’t know what I’d do without you!!!!

Can’t wait to be a good friend and catch up with you soon!!!!

Love you always



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