21 Reasons Why A Is My Soulmate

Hello,sweets! 🙂 Happy (almost) weekend!! For the past few weeks, I’ve realized that my life is in complete procrastination mode. I don’t know what hit me but balancing life,work,and the wedding seems to be the hardest thing to do! I did so well the first few months, but now, everything around me seems very demanding and causes me to be busy. I wish I could just take a solid break and work on things one by one without losing my sanity, but I have to remind myself that this situation that I have now is another huge blessing…it all leads to the beautiful amazing things in life.

All the craziness that I experienced before lead me to my soulmate, A. I have uncountable reasons why I know he is my soulmate,but today I am going to share with you 21 reasons.


1. Hugs

I don’t do hugs and I am not big on cuddling. I can honestly say that up until now I still sometimes have this blank look on my face when A tries to give me a cheesy hug (emphasis on the sometimes!). I don’t know why but I was never good at showing my affection by touch. I told A about my condition (haha) during our first month of dating and he just quickly laughed at me.

I guess, when you meet the right person, some things change for the best. Looking at A makes me want to hug him, even if he is just sitting on the couch or doing the something simple, I want to hug him! I like how he gives me this soft smile when I hug him (unlike the annoying blank face that I give him) cause I know I have the world wrapped in my arms 🙂

2. He lets me sparkle

The first time I stared at my engagement ring, I can’t help but feel like the grandest and luckiest woman in the world! I kept on asking him over and over again why he chose the ring that he gave me. It’s so beautiful and it just shows how much A loves me. Every time someone sees my ring I always get the “your ring is so beautiful! your man must really love you”. I get this big spark in my heart everytime I hear that, because A does not only let me sparkle through my ring, he lets me sparkle in so many ways.

Like the way he compliments me when I do something beautiful in the kitchen. How I keep the apartment clean. The way I dress up, and the way I do my make-up and hair.I know I sparkle in his eyes.

He calls me maarte when I am being extra naughty, but he will also take me out on dates just so I can feel pretty by dressing up.


3. He is a pusher

The right person will not try to bring you down, that someone should be an inspiration…not desperation.

A has always pushed me to do whatever I want to do, especially for my career and family. After work he is always excited to hear about the things that I did. He supports me in all of my dreams, even if it means being a barista or cashier for a couple of days! I never thought I would love food this MUCH until I met him. He inspired me to love my craft more and to look forward to things everyday.


4. He is my adventure

I really appreciate how A would drive for hours just to let me see something beautiful. He takes me to places that I’ve never been before to put a smile on my face.I love how he is willing to try new things with me, even if it will make him look silly! haha

Adventure to us is not only going to places. Our kitchen adventures and conversations about life that takes us to a little adventure in our heads. I am grateful that A is not boring ( cause I would hate to be in a boring relationship!). Everyone thinks A is very serious.. I mean he is, but my tall-skinny-man is also a kid inside! He is could be playful and sweet especially in times I am full of energy. haha


5. Extra silly

I could say the most ridiculous stuff when I am stressed, excited, or just extra me. A would often tell me “I wish I could record all the things that you say cause they’re unbelievable” (then gives me a tight squeeze).

I said a lot of crazy “logical” things to him, but he is always there to listen and laugh with me. A does not snap at me when I am being crazy (believe me! not all men can handle craziness) and I am grateful that I can be comfortable around him.


6. His big smile

As I’ve mentioned before, I love making A laugh! One of my favorite things to do before we end our day is to tickle him. I love how his long legs go up in the air. LOL

Making a happy is not very hard. He appreciates every little thing that I do.

Like how I make sure he has brewed iced tea in the fridge,when I remind him of certain things, or when we watch one of the movies that he’s been dying to see.


7. He loves kids

and kids love him! It melts my heart everytime he plays with Baby Roger, or how he tries to make Bea smile when we are in the Philippines. Not all men can handle kids, but A is honestly better than me.

His Mom told me that kids love him! It must be the warm feeling that they get from A because he is really lovable like that.

I am happy that we are on the same page when it comes to having children someday. And as early as now, I am already excited to see what a great Dad A is going to be!



8. Timing

I am amazed of how God blessed me with the right person at the right time. I always tell my single girlfriends about the power of God’s time because of my experience with A.

We all have our rough years, and for me it was before I met A. I remember going through all the emotions of a single girl, coming to the point that I got desperate to be with someone. BUT cliche as it may sound, sometimes the right person comes in the most unexpected time. When I decided to love myself more, God rewarded me with someone who will love me just as much. I wasn’t looking to be with someone, I did not try, it wasn’t on my plan…but it happened.

To me, that’s one of the most beautiful things that happened in my life….to meet a person who made my days even better and to be loved purely by him with no conditions.


9. He captures me

A is the person responsible for my beautiful #OOTD pictures whenever my sister is not around. He never complained about taking my pictures and my instructions. He would kneel if he has to and give me his sweet smile when he knows it’s a good picture.

I used to be very shy when it comes to #OOTD shots (that’s why I did not have a lot before!) but A makes me feel comfortable. I feel lucky that I am with a guy who does not make fun of me for taking outfit shots, a man who would encourage me to dress up for the day so I can f eel pretty. I mean, it’s always special for a woman when a man notices the things that she does to herself to look pretty, and A does that! 🙂


10. He is patient

My friends and family would always tell A to be very patient with me. They must know that I could be pretty handful sometimes! haha.

Having A in my life who wouldn’t yell at me when I make him wait, do stuff that I like that is beyond his normality, or handle me when insanity strikes is truly a gift from above! I couldn’t imagine being with someone who would just walk away on me when something unlikely happens.

The best test of his patience was when he waited for me to come back here in the US. For 10 months, we were away from each other. I must admit that he was stronger than me during our “long distance relationship”. He dealt with our relationship with so much love that it almost felt like we were really not away from each other.


11. He loves my hair

A does not say anything when I take too long in dressing up and doing my make up. (#10 right here!)

To save time,sometimes he dries my hair. Haha I know some guys will not agree to doing so, but trust me, it does not make you less of a man when you do something lazy! I would rather have someone who would help me dry my hair than a guy who will not stop reminding me about the dinner reservation, traffic, and how I take 2 hours to get ready.

A knows how I struggle to make my hair look nice. My hair and the US does not like each other. When I’m here, I do not get treatments, I can’t follow my “3 month hair trimming rule”, or get my hair dye retouched. I am also not that good when it comes to styling my hair, my teacher was my sister and I still envy her when she does her curls. But everytime I do mine, A would compliment me and make me feel like I created a masterpiece.



12. He does not lose sight of himself

One common thing that we all do when we get into a relationship is to love the ther person so much that we forget ourselves. It’s not wrong to love someone “so much” but it is wrong to forget about yourself. One of the things that A and I would would never stop doing is to do things for ourselves..on our own. I know in this relationship “we” is more dominant, but we still value “I”.

We make ourselves look good and feel good, reward ourselves, and consider ourselves when making a decision. Cause in the end the relationship will win. If we are happy as individuals in this relationship, I know we will never have a reason to say… “you know what? -I- need time for myself” or “-I- am not happy because….”.



13. He makes me cry

…and that’s okay. There is no guarantee that there will be no crying in a relationship. We just have to find the one who is worth our tears.

A and I, just like any other couples get into an argument too. A knows how to turn things around, usually through food because he knows I can’t resist haha. But even with all the disagreements that we had that lead to tears, I still love him.

The best reason to cry though is because of happiness. A gave me a lot of those moments, wherein I lie down in bed with so much gratification in my heart that I can’t help but think how amazing it is to be loved by him.


14. He waited for me

Okay, not really for “me” but he waited for the right person…and that was me! 🙂

I like the fact that he did not go around town to “play”. He was single for a very long time and out of all of the girls that he met, he chose me.

He decided to be with me. He asked me out..asked me to be his girlfriend..and asked me to be his wife.


15.We meet halfway

We have different personalities, but we meet halfway.We embrace each other’s good habits,and fight off the bad to not bother us. We adapt to the changes that we bring to each other’s lives and it is probably one of the benefits of being together at our 20s.

We are both starting our lives now, especially career wise and it may sound easy for us to say this because we both have the same profession, but I’ve come to realize that whatever he will decide to do in his career, I am okay with it..and vice versa.

He lets me make decisions for my career and does not complain when I take on too many hours at work. We meet halfway in every decision that we make, even if it’s the restaurant that we will have dinner at or the things that we will get at the grocery.


16. He lets me see the world

I love to travel, and so does A. I’ve shared a couple of our travel adventures together here on my blog, and you must have read this a million times, but traveling with your partner is one of the best ways to know him. I saw a different side of A that I only see when we travel. The best feeling that I get is not when we try something delicious at a local restaurant, but its when he holds my hand while we walk. Cause I know that even if we are in a place we are not familiar with, I am safe.

He does not stop me from planning to see a new city or country..he helps me. And we both make it happen. Just like what we have been doing for the past 3 years. aaaaamd I can’t wait to cross out every place that we have on our list.


17. Our differences

He likes rock and I like anything that will not make my head spin around (reason of the photo above). A and I are different in a so many ways, and I love it!

I love how I can try,learn,and see new things because of him. We don’t force each other to like everything about the other person, but we appreciate and learn how to live with it. I do not want to change A to be like me, because I loved the A that I met in 2012. Change is inevitable, we know that, so we only change to be better.And if A changes something, I know I will just love him even more.


18. He embraces my ethnicity

A is proud that I am a Filipino. He is crazy about anything Filipino now,especially our food! Every time we see the word “Filipino” somewhere he gets excited. He tries to learn tagalog, not so we can speak tagalog with each other because he knows all the crazy stuff. He likes to drop funny tagalog words to my family and our friends, and to me that is adorable!

Filipinos are big on traditions,and A understands how I love to follow the things I was accustomed to since I was a kid. So he tries to learn the things that we do in the Philippines.


19, He loves my family

and I love his too. I love how we both have 2 families now. 2 families that love & guide us..and help us to have a stronger foundation in marriage.

A knows how much I love my family. And for the 2 times that he has been to the Philippines, he made sure that he can show them how much they mean to him.It’s funny how he gets a text message from my siblings first in the morning before me now,and how they have private conversations with each other. I love how he has my parents Viber number and share photos with them of the things that we do.

My family loves A so much, and I knew from the very start that it wouldn’t be hard for them because it wasn’t for me.


20. He gets me

He listens when I vent, or when I tell him about all the drama I went through before him. He listens to all my silly childhood stories,or the crazy things I did in high school.

He understands me when I get too stressed out because of work, or when I hit the snooze button 3 times before I get up.

He knows how to handle me when I am upset, or that time I was grieving.

He gets me…and all I needed was someone who will get me. And he did.



21. I love him

I love loving him. He makes it easy for me to love him more each day.

I love to support him. He inspires me to make all of our dreams come true.

I love that I know he is my soulmate. Cause I know no one else can make me think of 21 reasons why.



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  1. What a beautiful tribute to your beloved. May you always remember the good vibes you share and never take each other for granted. Such a love is special and even once in a lifetime. Cherish it and each other and always give God the glory. I love your post and I send you blessings for a rch and happy life together. Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️❤️

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