Cuban Food in Baltimore | Braised Rabbit for Dinner

07.01.14: Color me SUMMER

Hello, sweets! Yaaay! I’m finally blogging about summer this year. Soon enough I will post about our adventures in Asia 🙂 Only 5 days left until I turn 24, seriously I can’t keep up with time anymore!!! I feel like we just welcomed November a couple of days ago and now it’s almost over! So yesterday was a lot of fun! We celebrated our little buddy’s first birthday so I’ve decided to post this entry now, a day in summer where we all gathered in the apartment again to cook great food!


Since it was a Monday, A took me out on a lunch date.We wanted to try something new so we went to this quaint Cuban restaurant in Towson.


We embrace beautiful summer days by dining outside the restaurant whenever we can.


Havana Cuban Road offers delicious homemade beverages. Nothing better than beating the heat with a cool fruity drink!

A tried their Nali Tea, a nice concoction of cold brewed leaf tea and fruit juices.


I got the Mango Nectar, cause I know it will remind me of the sweet and refreshing mango drinks that I used to have in Manila. It was soooo good and refreshing, just like how I expected it to be.


I am crazy about black beans lately, so we couldn’t help but to order their black bean soup. It was the perfect starter!!! One of the best black bean soups I’ve tried so far!!!!


I’m a sucker for empanadas! Something about these hot crunchy pockets makes me drool everytime I see the word “empanada” (same goes with Jamaican patties!)



The server was super nice to let me try all the flavors the variations that they have in house. They usually just serve 3 for every platter.



Chorizo – Veggie – Chicken – Beef



Ensalada De Casa (house salad)

I loved their mango vinaigrette! Anything infused with fruit makes me excited. I love roasted red peppers and goat cheese together…this salad will make any salad lover happy 🙂


El Cubano

We can’t go to a Cuban restaurant and not get a Cuban sandwich. This was excellent! The bread had a very good texture and the pork was tender and flavorful… YUMMS!


Lunch for 2!


My cute date <3



I am so happy that I was able to spend the afternoon with one of my best girls Frances, and the cutest…baby Roger!!!


Our little cutie turned 1 yesterday!!!!!


Baby giggles <3


with his favorite buddy, A! <3


We always cook something delish in our kitchen whenever they visit us. For that night, A and Roger decided to cook rabbit….. (yes…rabbit!)

We have a great collection of cookbooks, and for our “rabbit day”, A pulled up one of his favorite cookbooks, Le Pigeon.


A loves doing creative recipes with cook techniques. We always say learning should not only be limited in our workplace, we should also do amazing stuff in the apartment! 🙂


Say hello to our braised rabbit.

I am not going to post the picture of the whole rabbit cause I do not want to scare anyone. But A did and if you are curious about what it looks like, go to his Instagram page (@gstav05) and look for the picture he posted 20 weeks ago 😉


The rabbit came out really good! It’s a simple preparation but its the perfect way to apreciate the flavor of the rabbit for first timers.


Salad for dinner is a must


DSC_0211ASalad – Red Beets – Pea Puree – Braised Rabbit

Happy table of 5 <3




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