Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter Cupcakes

Hello, sweets!!! 🙂 November is almost over, I can’t believe it!!! I also can’t believe that I have not mentioned my birthday 1 million times just like how I do every year.As I get closer to turning 24, I am starting to get sentimental about being away from my family. I feel bad for A because he is doing EVERYTHING to make my birthday month amazing and sometimes I feel like I don’t show how happy I am enough because of all the craziness that we have to deal with.

I can see my Dad knocking on my door with a bouquet of flowers for me….my Mom in the kitchen cooking something delicious for my birthday lunch…my sister on the floor making a birthday banner for me… my brother Remo fighting everyone to hug me first…and jejekid, in our room to steal all of my chocolate stash while trying to come up with the perfect caption for his Instagram post dedicated to me.


I wish my family could be here…or I could be there…I wish we could all be together for my birthday again. Like last year.

This is the second birthday that I am going to celebrate away from my family, but I feel like it’s the first.

Here’s a #tbt worthy photo of us during my 10th birthday!


I do not have a lot of posts left from last year and I am happy because I am getting closer and closer to my target of starting to work on our trip to Asia by the end of the year -or- by January.

When I think of home, I remember all the times I made my family happy through food. I wish I could cook for them and spend the afternoon in our rooftop….to me that would be the perfect way to spend the afternoon of my birthday.


There is a “speculoos cookie butter” fad in the Philippines. I don’t know exactly when it started…why…how. I don’t know. But I just woke up one day and everyone’s crazy about it! haha


Of course I couldn’t let my siblings not try it…also I wouldn’t let them buy overpriced Trader Joe’s products in Manila (like one jar of cookie butter is only less than 4 bucks here)


As expected, only my brothers and I liked it. Speculoos is spiced with cinnamon, so my parents and my sister are not too crazy about it.



I can’t let 3 jars go to waste, so I’ve decided to bake Speculoos Cookie Butter Cupcakes.



I was finally able to make my parents and sister eat more than a teaspoon of speculoos cookie butter! Yay



Speculoos cookie butter cupcake with SCB frosting and speculoos cookie on top! 😉




Butter cookies is one of the easiest things to bake



I love the smell of lemon, and butter cookies makes a perfect afternoon tea accompaniment. Perfect for my afternoon tea bonding with my Mom.




I wish I could spend the afternoon of my birthday with my Mom…with a pot of tea and a platter of cookies.



Seriously, I have to snap out of this sentimental mode and enjoy the rest of thanksgiving day!!!



Nothing I can do but to dream about this delicious decadent cookie and home…


Speaking of home…here are some random pictures I found on my computer…



FACT 101: I treat my skin like gold

A would always commend me for taking care of my skin really well. Its one of the things that my parents are particular about. Growing up they would always tell me that I should have beautiful smooth skin. I used to scratch a lot and my Dad would get upset and buy me scar removers.

Living here in the US has made me extra cautious about my skin. The change of seasons is pretty harsh on my skin that I feel like since I’ve traveled to Asia twice this year, it can’t keep up with the sudden changes.

Thank God for beauty butter!!! Unfortunately, I left all these in the Philippines….. haha




Wondering what to get me for Christmas? I LOVE Bath and Body’s sweet pea!!!!!

Look Mom, I have them all! haha


Can I just dream about having dinner with my family for my birthday?

We went to this quaint restaurant for one of our random dinner nights out.



I remember observing the 2 cooks in the restaurant. There were about 12 of us in the restaurant at that time. They only had 3 burners, and one fryer. It reminded me of what I love to do…and all the crazy dinner services I survived at work.


Above anything else….I miss random dates with my Dad.

….and Ilocos Empanda!!!!


I am going to save my happy thanksgiving post for my next one 🙂


R <3

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