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Hello, sweets!!! 🙂 In a couple of hours I will be celebrating my first bridal shower!!Aaaah I am so excited!!! So the past 2 weeks has been really fun for us here at the apartment because A’s parents are staying with us. I get really happy when we have company over because I am used to a house filled with craziness (4 kids doing silly stuff and parents trying to keep it together haha). —– okay, I did it again! Things got out of hand here (in a good way) so I was not able to finish this entry on Friday. I thought it’s still a good intro so whatevs… it is what it is as my MIL likes to say! haha

So I had an amazing and unforgettable weekend. I can’t believe that I am officially a bride to be!!!!!! Again, I can’t wait to share with you all about my breathtaking bridal shower but for now…let’s do summer posts first!


A in his zone.

Instant noodle heaven. Though I do not allow him to eat more than 2 packs every week, cause it’s not healthy! haha


I am blogging about this now because the in laws are here. It reminds me of the days that we would drive up to New Jersey to spend time with them and get away from all the craziness here in Baltimore. This year, we discovered a new “to go” place for us. Asian City Restaurant, one of the best Chinese restaurants we’ve been here in the US. 


When you see it……….

hahaha I was the only Asian on our table (duhhh) so our server assumed that I am the only one who knows how to use chopsticks! They all got forks (as you can see :P)


Har Gow

Since this was my first visit I’ve deicded to test their food through their dimsum…so I ordered one of my favorites, Har Gow (shrimp dumplings).

This was really good. It brought me back to Asia!!


Chinese Style fried lobsters… MMMM. They make this really really good.


Fried pork chop ; beef fried noodles ; clay pot shrimp ; and fried crabs!

We had a feast!!!!!


A few doors down the restaurant is the supermarket. A and I goes crazy whenever we are there. They have everything that we need!




Seafood area. If I live in New Jersey, Asia supermarket would probably be on of my to go places for fresh seafood.



The meat section has some cool stuff too! One of which is the beef feet! A said he wishes we have Asia supermarket here in Baltimore cause we often find ourselves going to 3 different supermarkets just to look for our “unique” ingredients. haha



Asians are known for our fragrant food….so it’s not shocking that they have this.



This was soooo big! I tried to carry it and I failed hahaha It was heavier than me!




Had to stop myself from getting Asian street desserts. They were too attractive to me that I can’t help but poke each one of them hahahahha

…and oh! They have fresh bangus!!!!!




OMG. I died and went straight to heaven.

Finally!!!! YAKULT! I’ve been looking for Yakult since I was an intern and I am super happy that we finally know where to get yakult 🙂



Filipino pastries!!! aaaaaaah <3




Cause an Asian Supermarket is not a supermarket without these Asian snacks!






What we brought home with us!




I wanted to buy more but it has an expiration date so yeah……


“eggettes” from a fod cart in NYC! It was far from the ones in New York but it was good enough to remind me of our trip in Hong Kong last year.


Cause we do not only eat in NJ….we also love to shop there!!!!!




A is such a big lego lover. He as tons and tons of legos since he was a kid and one of his favorites is this pirate ship. He loves this one so much because he is into the whole pirate thing. haha.



Since we do not have a lot of room here in Baltimore for this big pirate ship, he had to send it to New Jersey. Which honestly is perfect for the beach house 🙂



oh you know….A just trying to make me feel uncomfortable in front of the camera.




The “i see you” and “I like to play with my hair” shots. haha

Afternoon chill time at NJ.

the “k. I’ll smile for my blog” shot. #chos


R <3

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